Cat yawning

Through my life I have had more cats than dogs. In fact I have had only one dog.

In an earlier post you read about my dog Copper.


I loved my dog to the moon and back but still, most of my memories are filled with cats.

For the longest time I figured it was all by chance. One cat dies or one runs away or one is a little psycho. We once had a cat with the personality of Hannibal Lecter ….long story deserving of a post all to itself. We later gave him away to a junkyard dealer.

It ended happily.

I grew up with the idea that this cat thing was a cycle and nothing more but now that I am older and a tad bit wiser I have come to the realization it wasn’t a cycle at all. It all had to do with the obvious:

 A cat is one cool dude.

Sleeping cat

I like the way they handle themselves under stressful conditions. An outsider will never see them sweat. They keep their emotions in check no matter how dangerous the situation may be.

They go to sleep when they’re tired and wake when they’re rested. If you try to wake them in between they quickly remind you how foolish you are and you believe them.

They analyze a situation long before they make their move. A characteristic I wish I had. I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve jumped into the deep end of life regretting my decision.

Had I been blessed with a cat attitude I never would have driven a car with the poorest of engines up the tallest of hills. Never would I have chased the wrong girls or listened to wrong advice.

In essence, had I been blessed with the attitude of a cat I would have avoided a huge mess.

A cat is picky and shows no apologies. If you don’t believe me I dare you to switch brands.

They have their favorite chair, their favorite corner and sometimes your lap. When it’s your time for attention there is little one can do about it.


They are dedicated, don’t get me wrong, but they are dedicated on their own terms. They are alone by choice, independence is their comfort zone. But sometimes they strive to protect and comfort one another.

A favorite example would be our two brothers. One enjoys water and dirt, the other does not. One day the anti-water brother got caught in the rain. Needless to say he was a mess.

As he dried off in the corner of the house his big brother laid near, his paw resting comfortably on little brother’s shoulder.

In a time of need they are there.

We all need a dash of cat. A one a day cat pill would do just fine. If that were possible our confidence would be high. We would laugh at our critics and choose our friends wisely.

If by chance you are not a cat person and one crosses your path, take a moment to admire him. But most of all remember:

A cat is one cool dude.


Happy Friday Everyone!




  1. I grew up with dogs. I am a dog man all the way. Due to the kind of dog I would like own and the kind of yard we have (basically none) we have cats instead. We have had 3 cats right up till this time last year, where someone poisoned my youngest girl, and then around christmas when my mother accidently ran over my wifes 16yr girl now we have only the one A boy that is a wuss. he loves to headbutt, sit on my lap and whinge…….. loudly. great post look forward to that other full post one, one day


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