Do you love your Smartphone?


Earlier this summer I was relaxing at a friend’s house. We were watching a movie, eating pizza and living the good life.

Suddenly a situation occurred that was far more entertaining than the movie. My friend lost his smart phone.


Honest officer, it wasn’t my fault!

Smartphone 2

I was sitting on the couch nestled between a dog, three cats and a plate full of pizza. My friend was reclining in his favorite easy chair complete with an excellent armrest perfect for all smartphones.

From my vantage point I saw what happened. Somehow his smartphone slid off the edge and landed safely in the side pocket of his chair. I could have easily pointed this out and within seconds his panic would have ceased.

But where is the fun in that?


Nicotine – Smartphones – Oh My!

Smartphone 4

A long time ago when I was a young boy I witnessed a scary scene. My three pack a day uncle lost his cigarettes. As I sat and observed my friends frantic search I was suddenly reminded of that fascinating day.

With the movie long forgotten my friend tossed throw rugs in the air, pillows and cats to the side. He even checked under the pizza box and the dog.

Thankfully I was left alone.


Angry wife and cats galore!!!

How he missed his phone’s hiding place I’ll never know. But I’m glad he did.

I grabbed another slice – Spicy Sausage, hamburger and pepperoni – and settled in for the scene.

My friend moved from the TV room to the kitchen. His voice was high, his mood agitated. He yelled at his kids, the neighbor kids and the dog. For reasons unclear he decided now was the perfect time to bring up a two year old argument with his wife that I’m guessing was unresolved.

With my friend and his wife bringing up bad memories, the dog barking and the kids disappearing to the neighbors, I calmly plucked his smartphone from the chairs comfy pocket.

I found an old shirt rolled up in a corner and laid part of it over his phone just beneath his chair.

With his wife in tears and the dog joining the neighbors I called out and pointed to the half hidden phone.


Memories of my Uncle

smartphone 3

The relief in his eyes matched the memory I had of my uncle when his MIA cigarettes were discovered.

So I ask – where are we in this world? Are smartphones the new cigarettes?

I will confess if smartphones were available when I was a kid I would have been knee deep in everything they have to offer. In fact my entire generation would.

Don’t let them fool you. We were just as bad or worse.

It’s easy to see the addiction. They look cool. They give you instant gratification and they give the user a sense of importance.

I have a lot of use for smartphones but at my age there’s a balance. I like them but I do not love them.

I wish I could see the world in a hundred years. I truly believe we are in the infancy of stranger things.

We love our gadgets. They are exciting and earth shattering but for some they turn into addiction.

I dodged a bullet.

The future will be fascinating but somehow we’ll survive. We always do. Every generation is convinced the next one will destroy the world but if you notice it hasn’t happened yet.

But just in case I’m wrong, please hang on to those damn things. Trust me, you don’t want to lose them and if you do some guy like me will keep them hidden for all the wrong reasons.


Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Smartphone 5


17 thoughts on “SPONTANEOUS FRIDAY

  1. I really enjoyed this post. It is such a true picture of our total dependence on our phones.
    I just read this post on my smart phone and I am typo g this comment on it.
    We become jamdicaplex if we lose our phones or forget them at home while going out.

    I particularly liked your phrase “infancy of stranger thongd”. I intend usng it myself


  2. Thanks. Always fun to hear your comments. I may poke fun at those who seem addicted but as I pointed out, had this been me in my youth I would have been all in. 🙂


  3. Yesterday, I was talking with someone who was wondering if technology such as smartphones wasn’t becoming an escape from reality. People bury their noses in them rather than do anything else with their lives.


  4. Your post got me thinking, Paul. If we look back through history have people always been this way? Is it in our nature to seek other ‘realities’ instead of the one in front of us? With smartphones it makes the process easier. Thank you for your post.


    1. Excellent questions. Of course, the Eastern religions teach that we have always done just that — run from reality. But not everyone accepts their notions of what is real. I suppose though, humans have always used entertainments and pleasures to escape — if only briefly — from their circumstances, which have often been brutal.


  5. Love your vivid writing Bryan. I had a good chuckle at your story but at the same time it’s all a bit sad really. I guess it’s the sign of the times though 😏


  6. I am so glad I came to smartphones late. I mean like REALLY late! Personally, I am not a fan and only got one to help me ask messages for my business. I often leave it on silent, upstairs, much to the annoyance of my parents who feel they should be able to contact me at all hours for no reason.

    I do have the odd panic if I lose it, though it’s more the fear of losing valuable photos of my cats. I really need to take those off my phone.

    I think we have moved to an addiction of apps and social media, unable to go 5 mins without checking something. Gone are the fun days of pub quizzes, cus now every idiot just googles the answer. Gone are the days of sitting around talking at Christmas. Nope, everyone is just lost in their screen. I noticed this a few years ago since I visit family at Xmas and my partner stays with his – so I get to see and watch my whole family spend the time looking at their phones, tablets, laptops or the TV while I sit and watch them. How sad.


  7. Someday soon I am going to take a walk through campus. I live just down the road from the University of Oregon. We have about 20,000 give or take that attend.

    I’m going to take a stroll from one end to the other and do a count of old fashion conversations vs.people lost in their smart phones. I’m already cringing at the thought.

    Thank you Ari for stopping by.


  8. Haha, you’re wicked. 😉 And a great story tell. There’s nothing worse than someone glued to their phone when they have company, but I must admit I’m guilty of it at home. It drives my kids crazy because I zone out when using it.


  9. See, this is exactly why I love you!! Your sense of humor is truly a pleasure. I can just see you sitting back, taking it all in, and hear your mischievous giggle. Always the prankster. I miss your laugh.


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