My Green Thumb

I am not much of a gardener but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be. I always thought it would be cool to have a green thumb. To be one of those who could grow anything with little to no effort.

Yes, it’s an ego thing but I have to be good at something, right?


You didn’t tell me I had to water ‘em

dying plants

When I was a kid I took a handful of beans and stuck them in a pot full of dirt. I remember being amazed when a little green thingy poked its head out. That was followed by a bunch of vines growling all over the place.

Being the kid that I was I grew bored, forgot to water it and it died. Nobody told me this gardening stuff required maintenance. Who knew you had to pluck weeds, trim this and cut that?

Who has that kind of time?

But things changed a few years back and it all had to do with the day I bought a mango.


Clean up on aisle 6!!!

I never had mango and when I saw it in the store it had to me mine. But like most things in my life it didn’t take long before I saw something shiny and moved on.

Sadly the mango did not.

A funny smell filled our kitchen on a warm afternoon. Buried deep behind the bananas and the can opener a really ripe mango sat.

I remember taking a long look at the mango and suddenly a clever idea sprang into action.

What if I try to grow it!?


A Mango in Western Oregon. What could possible go wrong?

I did a little research, created a mini green house and within weeks the little thing started growing.


My mango was amazing. A little leaf appeared followed by another. I counted four, maybe five tiny little leaves. Yes, I need a life but it was exciting.

I placed it outdoors next to things that belong in our state and hoped the other flowering thingy’s would treat it nice.

But two things happened while my little mango grew:

1) It was living in Western Oregon where it had no business to be. 

2) Did I mention I have a short attention span?

We said goodbye to summer and hello to fall. Sadly for my mango winter was next and a cold one at that.



Goodbye Mango, hello something yellow

With the demise of my mango I decided it was time to try my hand again. Responsibility is key, I reminded myself as I searched for my newest challenge.

I arrived at the same store that once housed my dearly departed mango. I saw apples. Boring. Oranges. Not interested and beans. Bad experience.

But as I turned to aisle three something yellow caught my eye.

Lemons 5


I promise, only one will grow

Lemons 4

Organic lemons were on sale that day. Miniature lemons four to a bunch. Excited with the possibility I brought them home before my attention took me elsewhere.

Out of the four lemons in my possession I rescued seven seeds. A little research and a little greenhouse I was on my way.

I promised I would not make the same mistake I made with the mango. My little lemon tree would stay indoors and if it survived I might have a nice miniature tree on my hand. 

I figured one would survive. Maybe two. Fast forward a month later seven little lemon trees poked their heads from the darkness known as dirt.

Lemon 2

Just my luck.

I haven’t a clue what I’ll do with them. None of them are in the mood to die. Not even the runt of the litter.

Lemon 1b

In my life I have accidently killed a lot of plants. Maybe this is nature’s way of giving me a second chance. Now all I need to do is figure out where to put them.

Lemon 2e


Happy Friday Everyone!!!


41 thoughts on “SPONTANEOUS FRIDAY

  1. I also have a history of killing plants. Currently I have an African violet that has been going strong for the last year. I just give it water every few days and keep it on a window sill. I’m jealous that you’ve been able to grow so many lemon trees. I’ve had two lemon trees in my life and they both died. Luckily I have a nice neighbor whose lemon trees hangs over my back fence and they let me have any lemons I can reach.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You have me beat. You have an actual lemon tree next to your place. My grandmother loved African Violets. I swear they were in every room in the house.

      If you try it again place them next to the east window of your house. That’s what I did with mine.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Try peaches next? 😀 I seem to remember peaches get by in surprisingly northern climates. Also, you could just keep one or two indoors as a potted plant. I did that with an avocado, and it turned out to be a really nice-looking potted plant. (Wouldn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell outside, of course.)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. When you said cereal killer I was thinking Captain Crunch. Oh boy….way to early. 🙂

    Don’t get me started on bonsai trees. I wiped out a few too. I think I destroyed one we were ‘babysitting’.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh my god, this is so cool….you have seven little trees….in your house! I have no gardening prowess, mostly because I don’t like the heat or the sun or bugs, but lemon trees…..indoors…..that might just work!!!!!

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  5. Great post Bryan, I too, like many on here have been known to kill household greenery. Except for some reason I have to ivy plants that refuse (I mean REFUSE) to die. One of my boys actually bought me a pet rock and even that managed to die (don’t ask). And the fact that you killed a bonsai tree you were babysitting, you sir are a criminal! lol

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Criminal I am. Don’t ask how I killed it and I won’t ask how you killed your pet rock. I do see a blog post centering around it. Please oh Please! That would be an awesome post.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hhmmmm, that is something I’d have to think about. I mean it’s not easy to kill a pet rock but it can happen. Let me think about how I’ll go about writing about my murdered pet rock, Juan Pepe…..

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  6. This made me laugh. I could write a book on ‘The plant that refused to die.’ since most of mine, did.
    Love your cute, lemon tree’s. Good luck keeping them small.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. They will probably grow as high as the ceiling. Knowing me I’ll feel guilty trimming them down. Our place will be lemon grove. On the bright side if I ever move to Florida I’ll have a little practice.


    1. Make sure your get what they call ‘Self Pollinating’. I don’t think mine will have lemons. They might. We’ll see. Some stores sell self pollinating trees. Check out your local nursery.

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    1. Self watering would have saved me many times over. I am getting better. There’s something about growing things from a seed that has brought out the mom in me. I’m pretty sure this is the closest I’ll ever come to giving birth.


  7. I grew Romaine lettuce in the house one Winter for my canary. It was a terrible Winter weather-wise, so I read that you could lop off the good part and stick that stalk in some water, it would root, then plant it in dirt. It worked and I had tender green leaves, just enough for Buddy, but I had a few of them potted, and they didn’t grow fast enough … I still had to buy lettuce.

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  8. Tammy – Thank you. Your nomination made my Monday morning. 🙂

    I could see you taking my plant experiment in many directions. If you do something with it let me know. You have my curiosity.


  9. Lol I currently have a dwarf Magnolia which I am trying not to kill. I used to have a green thumb well I thought I did lol but everything I touch dies nowadays so keep killing I mean growing plants mate eventually one will stick with you. Just like women 😀


  10. Nice work Bryan. Like you, I haven’t a clue as to how things grow. Still, I’d like my own little allotment on which little would grow but I’d enjoy sitting keeping an eye on it while reading a book and drinking a beer.

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  11. I’d have no trouble growing the mango in my country, where almost every house has a mango tree. A lemon tree, however, I don’t see very often. I enjoyed this post! 🙂


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