I am an athlete – Hear me Roar!!!!

I have discovered that being a writer is a lot like being an athlete. On the plus side there is no tackling, no concussions and no knee injuries.

knee 1

On the other hand that’s not always the case but we’ll discuss my defeated knee another day.

In the world of an athlete there’s lots of pep talks. Lots of training and a lot of head games. On the bright side there isn’t an actual loser unless we count form letter rejections as one.

I learned the hard way that nutrition plays a huge part in my day to day creation. Gone are the days where I woke to the familiar tune of Captain Crunch and Fruity Pebbles.

Call it body chemistry or the expansion of my waistline I realized the two would have to go.


How Could You???

I remember the day I discovered the value of nutrition and how it became such a factor in my writing. My lovely bride had the audacity to ignore the grocery list items of my treasures. The cupboard was bare. My Captain Crunch and Fruity Pebbles extinct like the Dodo bird.

knee 2

I was forced to munch on a banana or apple. What has the world come too?

But something really cool and magical appeared. A rather odd source of energy ran through my veins allowing me to focus, giving me hours of creativity.

Soon the banana pushed my Fruity pebbles to the side and became my morning specialty. Some days I’d mix it up and have an apple/banana combo.

Quoting the late great Tom Petty – I was born a rebel.

knee 3


Can Pizza really kill you???

Daring or not the work was getting done and I was achieving this mighty task without the help of an empty sugar rush.

This strict regimen has given me lots of rewards but every now and then I do jump off the wagon and for those following my example I suggest you do the same.

Eating healthy is the best but once a week I give myself a reward. When the weekend arrives my writing takes a break. Sure, the writer’s mind never stops but the actual writing does.

Saturdays are snacks and gooey chocolate stuff while Sunday’s are official pizza and burger days.

So many carbs so little care and just a dash of Samuel Adams to wash it all down.

Are they bad? Could they be dangerous? Why of course but so is roller-skating on thin ice.  

Okay – Bad Example.

We Deserve It!!!

All of us deserve a reward. Writing is hard and we all climb that rocky hill day in and day out.

But every now and then put that pen down, step away from your laptop and chase that burger, sin that beverage and enjoy the slice of life.

We do something every day the majority of people wouldn’t dare try which is reason enough to take a break and eat the good stuff

Pizza and Beer


Happy Friday Everyone!!!


29 thoughts on “SPONTANEOUS FRIDAY

  1. There are many healthy styles of pizza that don’t have to be only for “cheat” days. I think your way of eating and that form of nutritious energy helps in a lot of aspects

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  2. Now all I want is pizza and burgers 😊. With you there on the better nutrition front when it comes to helping with writing. For those rejections though, only chocolate will do 😉.


      1. 😅 it’s only a problem if I actually go out and eat all these things after reading your posts. Says the girl who did actually have a burger for dinner last night 😬. I swear that decision was already made though. It’s not every night and I can stop anytime I want…

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  3. I find the nutrition thing to be one of my biggest hurdles, now that I am firmly entrenched in middle age. Perhaps if I heed your sage advice and be a good healthy girl during the week, knowing that pizza is on the weekend horizon will pull me through. And, maybe feeling better will play a part as well……Thanks for another great post, Bryan.


  4. This is called waving the carrot in front of you as you cross the finish line. Do those walks, eat the good stuff and on that special day of the week have at it. 🙂


  5. Very clever post Bryan and yes, what DID happen to those days when we downed all those icky, sticky, gooey and chewy treats without a care in the world? Being responsible is a killer sometimes, so I totally agree with your reward system. I gave up sweets in 2011 and just a few weeks ago, went and bought cookies for myself … I waited a long time to do that. I don’t bake as it’s only me but I love cookies and missed them … the texture, the satisfying crunch, so I caved because I craved. Cake didn’t do me in, nor did pie, but the lure of cookies did. Let’s hope I don’t go hog wild and eat ’em all before Christmas.


  6. Ahhh the days when we could eat anything and nothing, I do mean nothing would happen. No side effects, weight gain or allergic reaction. Youth, thou have abandon me. Now I HAVE to eat low or no carb everything for the sake of trying to stay healthy and to keep weight gain at bay. But I will say that childhood cereals were never my thing, I grew up on simple Frosted Flakes. No Captain Crunch, Apple Jacks or ever worse (yuck) Lucky Charms. Plain old Frosted Flakes. 😎


  7. I remember my early 20’s. Playing pool with the guys. Closing down the bar. Waking across the street to the nearest restaurant and having a plate of greasy nachos at three in the morning. No harm. No foul.

    Impossible in today’s world.


    1. Those were the days…..being able to close down the bars and then if it happened to be a weekday, wake up with almost no hangover and go about the day as if the night before was just a small peek into the weekend. No hangovers, wow I have not idea what that’s like now. Two glasses of wine and the next morning I wake up with a huge headache.

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  8. Hmm…Captain Crunch and Fruity Pebbles…Childhood-me thought the former got too soggy in my milk. And the latter made my milk into a rainbow soup. I was a picky kid about my cereal. Or maybe I just ate too slowly. Haha. I’m totally with you on pizza and burgers, though. Yum.


  9. Haha! love the comparison! yes to no concussions and no knee injuries!
    oh you sound like my hubby and kids “mom forced me to eat a banana!” LOL!
    Good for you for giving yourself a weekly reward though!
    I have noticed I’m more creative too when I’ve been properly nourished with caffeine or wine *winks*


  10. I almost completely skipped over this post because it looked like it had something to do with sports – not my thing! I am so glad I gave it a chance! This was an awesome post!

    Funny how in this case your life and mine that isseem to be in reverse. When I was a kid my mom was a health food fanatic. There was never any soda or Kool-Aid in the house. She never allowed any junk food of any kind: no cookies,candy, cake, boxed cereals, etc. The ONLY time we got candy was on Halloween, and even then most of our Trick-orTreat takes were confiscated. We were allowed to keep the Peanut Butter Cups because they had peanut butter in them. Easter Baskets were filled with nuts and fruits.

    As children are however, we did find a way to get junk. We simply went to our friends’ homes!

    I maintained my healthy eating habits into my early adulthood. I rarely ever indulged in junk food. I simply did not crave it or desire it – until my last trimester of pregnancy at age 22 that is! Suddenly I craved sweets!

    And my healthy eating habits have declined more and more over the years as more junk has creeped into my life.


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