Thank You

Hey Everyone!

I am home with a new knee. I am happy it’s over. Like most surgeries the buildup was worse than the actual procedure. I was in excellent hands. I consider myself lucky to have found an amazing doctor as well as her team.

 I was going to reply to everyone’s well wishes on my last post but then I got to thinking that you deserve a post dedicated to you.

 I am overwhelmed by your kindness. Your words of encouragement helped me prepare  for that crazy ride up north. My mind was swirling with all kinds of doubt but your positive words of encouragement helped ease me into my comfort zone.

 I will write future posts on my experience. Trust me, this brain of mine is already working overtime on all the little stories I saw. Until then I want to focus on you. Creating this blog was one of the smartest things I ever did and last week proved it.

 I am taking this week and next week off. In the meantime I have some amazingly talented people who will flood your inbox with tons of good cheer.

 My ‘dear’ brothers posted their visit with me on YouTube. It’s a 2 minute skit titled Visit with bryan. If you want to see me in all my glory of hospital drugs – enjoy.

My goal in these coming weeks is to lower my usage of pain pills and up my daily exercise. Have yourself a great week.

 Life is good.



56 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Glad you have breezed through surgery and are on the way to total recovery Bryan. My mom had the same issue when she had a hip replacement, with the surgeons wanting to lighten up on her anesthesia as it was a long operation. She could hear drills and saws and soft music in the background and asked for more anesthesia as she found it daunting listening to the doctors “working on her”.

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      1. My mom’s operation was extensive as there were complications and she had to have bone from the bone bank, so they thought it was better for her going without all the anesthesia and also because she always got nauseous any time she had anesthesia. She opted out of that pretty quickly as I mentioned before. You are lucky you made such a quick recovery – by now you are no doubt on your feet with the aid of the physical therapist and have taken your first steps.


  2. Such great news Bryan! Thanks be to God! Thank you for the update. Hope you are able to rest and recover.
    I’m in recovery mode as well, had complete thyroidectomy two weeks ago. Recovery isn’t my forte as it requires patience, but I’m doing the best that I can as recovery is essential. 😊🙏🏽

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  3. Yay Bryan and welcome to your new knee! lol
    It’s always that way, the thinking and presumptions of what could go wrong is always worse than what happens. I’m so glad your doing great! So, when I get my potential rotator cuff repair surgery I hope to be a bit less stressed.

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    1. I have no doubt if and when your surgery time comes you will handle it like a pro. You are right, the build up is always worse than the actual thing. Looking back it was smooth sailing. Let me know if the surgery happens.

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      1. I know, it’s hard to have a knackered body but an overactive brain. 💕
        I loved the photo of you and your brothers, it makes me miss my brother and sisters. I’ll see them at Christmas-and change my mind. 😂

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  4. Thank you, Raimey. It was knee replacement. Something I should have had done a year ago. Lesson learned.

    I hear a knocking at the door and with the knock sounds a little swirly. I have a feeling your vibes arrived. 🙂


  5. I’m so glad to hear the surgery went well and I am glad you are taking it easy for a while! You deserve some quiet time to recoperate 🙂


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