Wednesday Guest Post

I was really happy when K.M. Allan accepted my invitation to guest host today. For the past couple of months I have been her beta reader.

I was able to see her drive and determination, combined with her talent as a storyteller. I have no doubt you and I will see her work in our favorite bookstores.

But on the flip side of this shiny coin I feel she eats way to many tacos. She also has a habit of reminding me on a daily basis that she is the good twin. I must admit, the jury is still out.

But enough about me.

Ladies and gentlemen may I introduce to you one of my favorite Australians whose heart is pure gold.

K.M Allan, it’s all yours.   


Walking For Creativity

When you’re a writer who works from home, most of your day is spent indoors, crammed in a chair, huddled at a desk, not doing your back any favors. You end the day emotionally drained, with aching bones, and eyeballs that can’t handle light that doesn’t flare off a computer screen.

Your skin hasn’t been drenched in natural light for hours and you count it as a good day if you spoke out loud to anyone—yourself or otherwise.

When you’re trapped indoors and in your head, one of the best ways to unwind is taking a walk outside. Some people can do this all year round, not caring about the weather (sure, I can trudge through snow, hail, and don’t mind getting heatstroke!). Others wait for the days when the air is the right temperature and the light just right (a necessity if you’re like me and take photos as you’re walking).

I like to walk either early morning or late evening. I’m a sucker for the first bursting rays of sunlight at dawn or watching them melt into pink clouds at dusk. As a creative person, if you don’t find this inspiring, you should have your soul checked—it might be missing.

KM Allan

Walking in the morning gifts you with fresh air and kicks off your accomplishments for the day (after all, you did drag yourself out of bed while everyone else was still sleeping). Walking in the evening gives you the chance to mull over the day’s work. I’ve figured out many plot twists pounding the pavement after tapping the keys all day.

KM Allan 2

I live in Australia and I’m lucky the area I call home has plenty of greenery. While walking the dirt path of a creek one early morning, I even spotted a kangaroo, but he bounded off before I could take a picture. Most of the wildlife I see are birds. Kookaburras, Rosellas, Cockatoos, and Ducks that like to charge if your walking path veers too close to them. During some very early mornings you can also see possums that dangle above you as they make their way across power lines. If I was a children’s picture book author, they’d make great characters for a book.

KM Allan 3

Instead, I’m a YA writer who sees dark magic and mysterious disappearances when walking amongst creeks and their surrounding trees. If you’re looking for an inspiring way to fuel your creativity, try walking and see what story ideas it stirs up. At the very least, it’ll get you out of your chair, and those aching bones moving.


K.M. Allan


26 thoughts on “Wednesday Guest Post

  1. What an intro! Thanks, Bryan 😊. You need to call that Jury back because I am the good twin and they’re just wasting time trying to decide otherwise 😅. Also, you can never have too many tacos. Thanks so much for letting me guest post on your blog. It was an honor.

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    1. I worked tirelessly on that intro, mind you. Pain pills and all. 🙂

      Lets move along on the good twin debate, shall we. Time for a new topic. See what I put up with, everyone.

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  2. Interesting Read, Brian. It resonates with me because I work from my home office. Sitting for hours creating content and other online activities does indeed have it’s toll. But I’ve learnt to be more productive by taking short breaks along the way.

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  3. Great post! Completely agree that getting your body moving and the blood pumping is fantastic for getting the creative juices flowing. I write horror and a walk (or run) through the forest never fails to inspire me. After all, you never know what can be lurking through the trees 🙂

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  4. Wonderful guest post with more great advice–and some stunning pics. I do think it’s when we’re least expecting it–like on a nature walk–that we write some of our best stuff. (Then, all there is to do is to get it down on paper!)

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    1. Thanks, Rebecca! Yes, trying to remember it to get it down after walking is always a dilemma. That’s why carrying a phone is so handy. I’m always stopping mid-walk to type an idea or breakthrough into notes.


  5. I enjoyed this post because I am an avid walker and most of my blog posts revolve around what I see on my daily walks. I have to tell you that I get pretty excited over the squirrels and gawky-looking heron, ducks and geese that I see on my jaunts. If I saw a kookaburra or a kangaroo, well … I would be over the moon for sure! I can’t identify with writing books, but I can identify with the feeling at the end of the day after too much computer time, as I work from home and between work and blogging and keeping up on social media, I feel permanently hunched over a computer sometimes. Walking starts my day with a clear canvas every morning, a chance to collect the images of the day to write about later.

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      1. See we would like a glimpse at each other’s “finds” on their walk. I have dozens of squirrels I could share with you. I walk in a park every day which is not extremely woodsy because it is right in the middle of the City. But this Park runs along a Creek and there are trees, bushes and reeds, so there are waterfowl and lots of squirrels. I feed them and have a “following” at the Park. They are like having pets who come running up to you everyday and they are quite tame. Our latest Park visitors are coyotes which are on the prowl and there is a pair with a cub and they hide out in this Park. I’ve not seen them there, but have seen them in the neighborhood strolling along like this is the most ordinary thing in the world!

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      2. It is nice because it is so small that you can see everything at one time. It is in Lincoln Park, which is in Southeast Michigan, about 13 miles from downtown Detroit. There are ducks at the Park as well – I like them too. We just have mallards though, but lots of them.

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  6. I love this post! Huge fan of K.M. Allan myself, and I loved this read. I adore walking for inspiration too, and everything written here is so wonderful. Plus the photographs are stunning x

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