My Time Capsule

College football is my favorite sport and at the end of the year my favorite game is in full bloom.

While watching my favorite team get pummeled in their playoff matchup I figured now was the time to busy myself up.

Since I was the alone in the house I had two choices: 1) Continue to moan and groan at my team or 2) Find a distraction.

I have a drawer below my desk that desperately needs cleaning. It’s one of those junk drawers that I’ll bet most of you have.

With the TV in my man’s den playing and my team continuing to lose I opened the drawer and went to work.

I had no idea the treasure I would find.


Picture 1

pic 1

As you can see it’s a pretty average looking drawer.


Picture 2

pic 2

Ignore Flash and his photo bombing antics.


Picture 3

pic 3

In my house we call this mess a glorified mess.


Picture 4

pic 4

Just before I went to work I came upon an old metal box that I made in high school. I forgot it was there. Curious, I opened it.


Picture 5

pic 7

Old notes, mysterious jewelry and a handful of odds and ends littered the inside. As I began to put it back something told me to dig a little further.


Picture 6

pic 8

At the very bottom I came upon a piece of paper. The moment I saw the title the goal of cleaning out the drawer vanished. As you can see the title was simple and straightforward: Goals for 1989, January 2nd.

Curious at this magical little piece of a time capsule I took it out and carefully inspected each goal. Now, for your viewing pleasure, I thought it would be fun to share them with you.


Make College Top Priority: Goal achieved.

Get the best grades that I can: I was a happy B and C student. I was who I was.

Move away to college – Eastern or Oregon: I was living in my hometown of Burlington, Washington. I was already accepted at Eastern Washington University but I had my eye on a little college in Southern Oregon.

Working hard at one thing can make me the best: I distracted easily. In fact I still do. Ohhhh…..a puppy video!!!!!

Work hard on exercising: Goal achieved.

Keep a strong friendship with Susanne: Who the hell was Susanne?

Write more often to Stacey: Who the hell was Stacy?

Work hard at Sears: Happy I didn’t make Sears my career.

Ask more questions to teachers: Not sure I lived up to that one. Who needs that kind of attention?

Read and write more: Goal achieved!!!

Put full effort in everything I do: Probably didn’t happen. Key word is everything.

Keep Positive: Pretty sure I had a few down days. You’ve got to give me that.

Grow up: I’m still telling myself that.

Life must began now: I think I used the wrong began. 

Take on responsibilities: Does binge watching late night HBO count? I was really good at that.

Realize my potential and what I want out of life: That was a pretty good goal and one that I think I finally figured out.

So there you have it. A little piece of me on the second of January, 1989. Looking back it was a huge year for me and in many ways the decisions I made that year brought me to where I am today.

It’s amazing, don’t you think, of all the goals we make and how some of them take us to where we need to be. Now if I can just figure out who Susanne and Stacy were my day would be complete.


Happy Friday Everyone!!!!


35 thoughts on “SPONTANEOUS FRIDAY

  1. 🤣🤣 “Who the hell was Susanne?”. “Who the hell was Stacy?”. These parts made me laugh so much. What a fun post. Funny how you could probably write a list today and it’d be similar (minus the college stuff). Makes me wish I’d kept old lists to see how it compares to today.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Somewhere out there are two women caring on with their day and they have no idea they are the topic of a huge mystery.

      I knew a Stacy but that doesn’t fit. As for Susanne, I’m drawing a total blank.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Perhaps Susanne and Stacy are reading this, Stacy has always wondered why you didn’t answer her letters… I did discover my old note book in the loft – started when I was twenty to get ready for my writing career – followed by a very long delay..


  3. My list from 1989 would have looked a lot different. Mostly because I would have been a few months away from turning 2 and couldn’t write yet hehe.


  4. This is wonderful and cool and hysterical!!!! Thank you for sharing! I was on the verge of turning 20 (and probably nursing a beer) when you were making those very lofty goals….I am very impressed!!!!


  5. Susanne and Stacy are probably finding letters from you thinking, “I wonder why Bryan stopped talking to me.” What a mystery!


  6. Better yet, They may have found similar notes. “Who the hell is Bryan? ” But.. doubtful. As women, We Remember.


  7. Ah this post was so fun to read! I also laughed out loud because a) your cat photo bombing is hilarious and b) you don’t remember Susanne or Stacy lol. I guess that’s how life goes though right? Thank you for sharing this!! 😊


  8. Flash loves the camera but most of all he wanted to get behind the drawer next to the wall. He’s to big to fit so I’m a little unclear how he was going to pull that off.

    Happy you enjoyed it. Thank you!!!!!!


  9. First off, that looks like a quality job on the toolbox. Second, I empathize with the sorrow of a college football season gone south. It looks like you did pretty well. You don’t say if you did those things in 1989 or sometime since 1989 but either way, it’s a pretty good list of accomplishments, especially since one goals was to figure out “what I want out of life” – that can be used to offset any other goals, including Susanne and Stacy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Dan! Yes, the Susanne/Stacy mystery will stay with me for a while. You would think I’d remember something about them.

      I must agree, I did a pretty decent job on that toolbox. It’s probably still around because I kept it indoors.

      Some of the goals I wrote down I accomplished but as we know, as the year progresses our needs change. In September of that year I moved to Southern Oregon. That move changed my whole life. I’d have to say that was my biggest accomplishment.

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      1. Cool that it did. I found a journal written by my 16-year old self on the exact day my husband was born. We were sorting papers and it kinda flipped him out. LOL ♥.


  10. I do enjoy the nostalgic feel of this blog post. I’m the type of person who keeps old letters/ notes and put them all in a scrap book. Soo this was definitely a good read.

    By the way, “who the hell was stacy” was quite a funny line. I enjoyed that part most especially. I do have this tendency to forgot people’s name. Sooo it’s a habit I do want to correct

    We should not only look back at the memories but the people in as well.


  11. Clearly Stacy and Susanne had their moment in the sun. Sadly that sun faded. Wouldn’t it be odd and amazing if they came upon this blog one day. Thank you, Eva. Always fun talking to you.


  12. I love finding treasures like these, and they’re so fun to share. Congrats on achieving many of your goals.
    The two that cracked me up:
    “Keep a strong friendship with Susanne: Who the hell was Susanne?
    Write more often to Stacey: Who the hell was Stacy?” Lol


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