My Blogging Neighborhood

This may not be the world’s longest post but it may be the most important one I’ve written in a while.

I had a list of things I wanted to talk about but I put them all aside for the day.

Every now and then I do a little reflecting. There was a time I doubt I could even spell that word but now I find myself doing it all the time.

Call it older and wiser or maybe my brain is getting weird. On the other hand maybe I still have some of the hospital drugs floating inside me. But I’m going with weird.

Weird is the new cool, by the way.

I wanted to take a moment and talk about my blog, or better yet, the people I’ve met because of it.

My goal when I started this thing was to entertain and have fun. I’m pretty sure all of us have the same goals. Some of you are teachers and when it comes to the craft of writing you are the best. Others are entertainers doing your best to make us smile and make our day a little brighter.

For that we thank you.

I am a sociable person, just ask my buddy Jo. By the way, Jo loves a shout out but she never comments. Don’t let her shyness fool you.

When I started my blog I figured my topics would be the most important thing. After all if I couldn’t write anything good nobody would read it.

Somewhere along the way I made an interesting discovery: I was wrong.

As I mentioned I am a social person. Place me in a crowded room and chances are I’ll find my way in the middle of it. I guess it’s the Irish in me. We tend to be a little loud.

But the joy of this blog is you. Sure, I need to write the good stuff and do my best to create interesting topics but I have discovered the true good stuff is talking to my fellow bloggers.

A good laugh, a serious talk, you name it. The true joy is the unexpected and pleasant surprise of the friends I have made.

In a way it reminds me of an old fashion neighborhood where I walk out to collect my morning paper. Humor me. Let’s pretend it’s 1986.

I wave at K.M. Allan as she desperately searches for her morning paper. She can never find it, by the way. I want to help but it’s so much fun watching the search.

Speaking of K.M. she always drops by during taco night. Weird.

As my rambling slows to an end I would like to add one final thought:

We all need a reason to write our blogs and for me the reason is you. It’s an awesome way to meet people from all over the world and because of that we have created the world’s coolest neighborhood.

Many of us dream of that special neighborhood to call home and this is pretty close to that dream.

Thanks everyone!!!!!


52 thoughts on “My Blogging Neighborhood

  1. And thank you for your entertaining posts, Bryan. Coming across you and your blog has been one of the highlights of blogging for me too. Hopefully one day we will catch up and share some tacos, but only if you bring Flash.

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  2. I agree with K.M. Before writing anything, I’ll check to see if you’ve made in recent posts. What did you mean by hospital drugs (Dilauded is my fave)? I try my best not to specifically blog about meself because of this auto-bio phobia (just invented that), so topics are important. But then where is the challenge, no? There are a lot of ‘us’ out there, and we need people mindful people like you.

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  3. First, a shout out to Jo.

    Second, I’ve been thinking about blogging vs Twitter vs FB vs IG. Others may disagree and say I’m missing out, but I think blogging is the best. It’s more . . . I dunno, FUN.

    Did K.M. try looking under the hedge?

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    1. She looks everywhere but the hedge. I swear, every morning……deep sigh.

      Blogging seems to be more personal. Much more one on one contact than the other stuff. I get to know people. That’s so important.

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      1. Maybe, maybe not depending on how rowdy you get with two margaritas and half a dozen tacos, lol. We may be watching you walk around with a lampshade on your head, that would make for an interesting blog post, no? 🤣

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  4. Truly loved this post!
    Ironically though, I am losing my inspiration to write! At the same time, I feel I’m going to miss the ones I met, in the short little while of my stay in ‘my’ neighbourhood! May be I should have moved closer to yours and watched papers getting lost etc etc

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    1. I’ll be honest :). The sincerity of your question requires an honest response.

      Happened to me before with my art!
      Little story: I sometimes like to sketch. One day (last summer), while I was on a roll sketching nearly every single day! Getting better and better, and sharing on social media. This music band wanted to commission me to do some artwork! I was excited. I felt driven. Then realizing their unrealistic demands, I decided it wasn’t for me. We are still friends so that’s good. But, as a result, I lost my drive. I still sketch now, but not even close, to how I used to during those days.

      Now, I feel it’s happening again. When I started blogging four months or so ago, I felt excited! I’d wake up early everyday before I start working, and I’d write. Again, I felt ‘driven’. I didn’t start writing to be liked, or to get attention! It I started writing, not expecting anything. It was effortless but very thrilling at the same time!

      And now lately, I started losing interest. I don’t feel driven anymore. At the same time, it doesn’t all feel dead. Yet. 🙂

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      1. I was sitting on the couch when I read your reply. It gave me time to think.

        You remind me of a bee traveling from flower to flower. You love the colors, you love the taste but the world is to big to settle for just one. You must see and taste them all. You’re a traveling bee and for now you have no intentions of stopping.

        Embrace who you are and enjoy your next adventure.

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      2. Thank you for the reply.

        I wouldn’t say your perception is wrong! At first, when I read it last night, I felt someone detected my ‘lack of focus’. I felt a teeny bit sad. Then quickly realized, it’s true, I have many ‘hobbies’ and yes it’s great. But…then why do I crave ‘focus’ so much?!

        At this point of my life: I need to take one of my hobbies very seriously. I must. I can still have the others. But one must take the center stage. You helped me realize that.
        Thank you.

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  5. Nice post Bryan! I must admit that as I blog more and more, it becomes less about my content and more about the people I meet through blogging. Just yesterday, a 70-year-old Irish woman told me that she just found my blog and liked my insight. She is an awesome blogger herself and I suddenly found myself wanting to know her better, to hear about her life and what she has to say about things. So, you’re right! The beauty of blogging is in the people, bloggers and friends we met and will still meet along the way =)

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  6. You nailed it, Frances. This is what it’s all about. Without your blog you never would have met her. This is a wonderful thing we have and it just keeps getting better, doesn’t it.

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    1. Yes, it does. And I don’t even blog regularly, only when I have content or I feel like it. What makes me wanna stay though is because I found that bloggers/writers around the world are some of the most awesome, decent and sincere human beings. You don’t get that a lot in other social media platforms.

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  7. Hey, blogland, this is Jo. Thank you, Bryan and Priscilla Bettis, for the shoutouts. This is the 2nd time Bryan has done so, and I thanked him the first time also, which, it seems, he has conveniently forgotten in his quest to find something to needle me about. Insert eye roll and shrug here. After 30+ years of tolerating him, I’m used to it. He should be cautious, though. That 2 drink minimum he mentioned? I could spill the beans on what a 3+ drink night does to him. He may not even remember the midnight salad bar with, in his words “greased cherry tomatoes”…..🤣

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    1. Pay no attention to the one person who can blackmail me for life. 🙂

      The stories we could tell, my lovely. Were we really that young? Where are the green M&M’s when I need them?

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  8. Couldn’t have said it any better, Bryan! I think we all get into this thinking we’ll stick to ourselves and put out content we hope others read, but never imagine it would turn into something so much more – a neighbourhood, as you put it.

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  9. So true. You’ve got the coolest site and some of the best comments from your content around. And it’s all because of a little blog you created. It’s amazing what we can do in this crazy world.

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