Favorite characters I’d like to hand out with


I’m a lot like you. I enjoy a good movie and a good book. Give me a rainy day by the window or an evening in front of the big screen and I’ll soak it all in.

It’s a wonderful slice of life.

In most cases when a book or a movie ends I move on to other things. Sure, some of the classics stay with me but for the most part I put them aside and seek new adventures.

I know one person who admits she has an addiction to Harry Potter books. She even went on to complain that the addiction is so bad it has taken its toll on her personal life.

I have never faced anything like that and it’s safe to say I never will but I will admit there are movies and books whose characters have peaked my curiosity.

For some it’s the backstory. The book or movie may have touched the surface leaving us lost in mystery.

For the bad characters I always find myself asking why. Did someone ruin them and if so, what happened?

The other day I did a little brainstorming over the tons of books and movies I have seen. Are there characters, I asked myself, that I’d like to spend a day with?

I didn’t take long to find a few.


IT – Pennywise: I know what you’re saying. This is a monster. It deserves zero sympathy. This thing is nothing short of our worst nightmare. But still, I always wanted to know why. It’s clearly damaged and I want to know by who. It reminds me of a mean cat who once was a loving kitten but somewhere along the way somebody kicked it one to many times turning it into the beast we know today. If this was Pennywise I’d like to know what it was like before it was kicked.


Where’d You Go, Bernadette – Bernadette Fox: My oldest daughter has a friend whose mother reminds me of Bernadette. All I have to do is say hi and she’s talking for an hour.

I am fascinated by people so wrapped up in their lives that the outside world fails to exist. There’s something about their energy and the way they see the world I find amazing.

I keep picturing our day at a fancy restaurant in the upper class part of a big city. I do a lot of head nodding and agreeing but say little to no words.

I follow Bernadette to her favorite stores and we end our day with snacks in the lobby of a plush hotel.

But something tells me I’ll never get to know the true Bernadette.


Sideways – Miles: This is a rare moment where I found the book and the movie equally good. The book had a better ending where I found Miles to be more complete.

Miles is clearly depressed. I kept having this overwhelming need to talk to the guy. To push him in the right direction and tell him to stop living in the past.

Listen Miles, people divorce. Things happen and stop drinking so damn much wine!


The Sure Thing – Walter Gibson: This was a 1985 Rob Reiner film. Gibson was played by John Cusak. It was one of those rare ‘80’s young adult movies that was honest. He reminded me of my friends. Maybe a little bit of me.

Whatever the case I liked how he saw the world. Yes, he was a troubled kid, his priorities a little out of whack, but he meant well and he would have been fun to hang out with.


Fargo – Jerry Lundegaard: Of all the characters I mentioned this is my favorite. Jerry Lundegarrd, played by the great William H. Macy, may be the most complex character ever written.

You thought Pennywise was a mess get a load of Jerry.

There is so much back story we’ll never know. What gives with the relationship with his wife? His father in-law? What’s up with the kidnappers?

There is an entire before the movie that could center all on him. If we hung out I doubt he would open up but it would be fun to try.


So there you have it. If anything it would be a cool road trip. I wonder if Pennywise knows how to drive?

it 2


24 thoughts on “SPONTANEOUS FRIDAY

  1. Anthony Hopkins. My friends laugh at my unending fascination.

    P.s. Pennywise wasn’t scary at all :(! I was so disappointed leaving the theatre my spouse had to laugh.


    1. Depending on what character Anthony Hopkins played. At times he was the lovable friend you just couldn’t get enough of but there was that one time where he was the true monster. At the same time,that monster he portrayed was able to show a tiny depth of kindness. Fascinating.

      Happy to see you’re on my side with Pennywise. I knew I liked you for a reason. 🙂


  2. Oh man, if we’re taking Fargo, what about Peter Stomare’s character, Gaear Grimsrud? One of the kidnappers, played opposite Steve Buscemi. He’s quiet, says nothing and tries Buscemi’s character to no end. He seems almost too passive until he takes an ax to his partner and puts him in a woodchipper. I’d like to know the backstory to that nut job and see what turned him into that psychotic mess we see in the film.


  3. This post was so much fun, Bryan! I read Where’d You Go, Bernadette a few years ago, and you just reminded me that I want to reread it. I thought Bernadette was such a fascinating character and just really refreshing. A lot of characters can start to feel the same, but she really stood out to me.


  4. Great choices, apart from Pennywise (scary in the original movie, haven’t seen the re-make). Sherlock Holmes would be fascinating to meet but a bit dour, Elizabeth Bennet seems like you could have a good ‘girls’ evening, though oddly, as a kid I wanted to meet the Scooby Doo gang, especially Scooby, Shaggy & Velma, and they have the Mystery Machine…


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