Is Social Media Officially Weird?


I was going to start off by using the word dead instead of weird but dead is so final.

Weird is a classier choice.

I have two social medial accounts. Twitter and Facebook. I also have three types of social media friends: The social butterfly, the reserved and the somewhere in between.

Most of them have multiple social media accounts as well and depending on the personality it’s easy to spot those who take it for what it is and those who go a tad too far.

Whatever the case I think we can all agree when you place a bunch of people in the same room sometimes things can get a little weird. If you don’t believe me try coming over to my house during the holidays.


Two Different Worlds

I have two Facebook accounts. One is my author page and the other is just plain old me. It’s as if I’m living in two worlds.

In my author page I make sure I’m involved with fellow writers. We’re all on the same page. Everybody creates and nothing needs explaining. It’s a lot like it is here. We all know the writing world and nothing needs explaining.

On my other pages it’s a free for all and that’s where things get interesting.

In the past year I have found myself posting less and less on that page. Let’s just say things can get a tad heated. Most of the topics center around politics, sports or climate change.

In today’s world pick your poison. All of them can be deadly.

My personal favorite was a heated exchange between a dog lover and a cat lover. I’m pretty sure it ended in a draw but I’m sure they’ll give you a different opinion if you ask.

Please don’t ask.


All talk and no listen

weird 2

Aside from the cat and dog exchanges I’ve noticed something else: Conversations…or should I say lack thereof.

Throughout the week I scan my twitter feed looking for posts with only a handful of replies. I do my best to generate a conversation. In some cases a conversation develops but most of the time it fizzles.

So I asked myself – What’s going on?

Is Facebook and twitter becoming a statement platform instead of a social one? The more I’m around it the more I’m afraid it is.


Blogging is the new Twitter/Facebook

For my take, blogging appears to be the new social media. Through the posts I create and the comments you give conversations are born. In most cases they expand through e-mails, private messages, texts and so on.

In the blog posts I create, along with the blogs I visit, I rarely see arguments. It’s a consistent positive, supported environment no matter what the topic is. On some occasions there’s a disagreement or two but it’s nothing heated. It’s simply a different way of thinking where both sides understand and respect.


Unfortunately We Need You

weird 4

For those of us building a platform, social media is a powerful tool. It can make or break us. The platform takes time and patience but most of all it requires a plan.

Like it or not, we need it.

It also takes one more thing: Weeding out the weird in order to find the good.

So what do you think? Am I wrong? Did I just write the most ridiculous post you ever read or is there an ounce of truth to it?

Have we turned the corner on social media? Has it become a place for statements instead of a conversation?

Are all of us standing tall on our soap boxes attempting to out scream our neighbor with no interest in listening to the person next to us?

I am cautious when it comes to opinion, especially when I’m not sure of the answer. Which makes me wonder:

Did I jump the gun on this or do I have a point? Has blogging replaced twitter and Facebook as the new social media or am I completely off my rocker?


I’ll let you decide on that one.



52 thoughts on “Is Social Media Officially Weird?

  1. 🙂 In my case, I deleted both my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

    Social media is kind of weird because it allows people to get away with all sorts of online atrocities (For example, starting a feud and insulting people).

    And, then there are the algorithms that censor innocent people.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day, Bryan.

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  2. Social media indeed cannot sustain conversations as compared to blogging. But to say that blogging has replaced Twitter/Facebook will be wrong. This is because (in my humble opinion) while blogging gives you a platform to engage with your readers, social media “connects” you to far more readers. So, I guess, connecting to more and more people is important too, otherwise whom will you converse with?
    Also, we rarely see arguments in blogosphere because most people moderate comments on their blogs. So, the harsh comments will never really show up (other than in your comments inbox which you can choose to delete).
    Thanks for another brilliant post. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your feedback. You made an excellent point. We do find more readers and connect more through Facebook and Twitter. That is one thing we have to agree with.

      If we hit a dud on 50 connections but we find that one diamond, it’s worth it. But at times it can be tough dealing with the duds.

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  3. Our community Facebook group can host ‘conversations’ that go on for days. They can be useful such as house fire – everyone turns out to donate stuff, or banal – I once posted ‘Does anyone know what’s happening to that derilict shop?’ It generated days of comments more vindictive than cats and dogs or Brexit.

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    1. Something like that is useful. I’ve seen lots of people come to the aid of an announced emergency. I once worked at an animal shelter where a little dog was going on two years without a home and was dangerously close to being put down. Someone posted this on Facebook and within hours he was adopted.

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  4. I want to agree with you, but I also want to say you’re off your rocker because I get to say you’re off your rocker 😅. I definitely have more conversations on my blog, but find I interact with a wider range of different people on other social media.

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    1. A dagger through my heart. Why hurt me, good friend? Why??? 🙂

      Though this blog you and I were able to work together. That is a huge plus. At the same time, I believe we knew each other on Twitter. So who’s to say we may have met without this blog. Twitter is a plus in that regard.

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  5. I think commenting on blogs gives us the chance to say what we want to say, in as many words as we want. Plus, the comment section is tucked away and isn’t found unless people go looking for it, so our words aren’t going to be shoved in front of too many people. With Twitter, i don’t like that if I reply to one person, it’s publicized on everyone else’s feed even if they don’t follow the person I replied to. Same goes for Facebook. I know social media doesn’t come with too much privacy, but the whole eavesdropping on other conversations aspect is too much when they shove it in our faces.

    That’s my theory on why some people engage less on those platforms compared to here.

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    1. Thanks, Paul. You raised a good point on privacy. I learned the hard way not to say to many revealing things on Facebook and Twitter. It will come back to haunt you. I also learned to be careful with my sarcastic sense of humor. One of my sarcastic comments required a phone call explaining my actions. Trust me, that mistake was never repeated again.

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    1. I’m getting a sense for all of us social media is give and take. Many of us are in our comfort zone with our blogging friends but we do need to leave the house, so to day, and do a little risk taking in the social media world.

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  6. “Is Facebook and twitter becoming a statement platform instead of a social one?” I think so, sadly. Not sadly because there shouldn’t be a place where people can make statements and listen to other people’s opinions on the matter, but sadly because a social/author/vacation/whatever post becomes something else entirely: “But I thought we were talking about taking Grandma for a hike upstate. Why are type-shouting about Brexit?”

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    1. Hi Priscilla- Exactly.

      I have witnessed the most innocent comments turn into a near bloodbath. For the life of me I’m not sure how it happened or why. Sometimes it’s language. I may use a phrase that means one thing in the states but can have an entirely different meaning somewhere else far away.

      I guess that’s when we need to put on the breaks and explain or jump off and leave the thread behind.


      1. Much of the disconnect in online conversations is the lack of context. If I say “What do you mean by that?” I can do it in a way that you understand that I’m genuinely asking for clarification. But if I write it, tone is flattened and it sounds like I’m saying (not asking) “Who do you think you are? You can’t say that to me!”

        This leads to the overuse of emoticons in place of well-thought-out word choices, but whatever keeps peace is fine with me.

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  7. I love Twitter because I have carefully selected the type of content I want to see there. I have two accounts on Twitter, my personal one and the one for my own blog and they are so different. In my personal one there is only what I really really want to read. My timeline is full of people and accounts I am interested in reading.
    The one for my blog is more of a mess and at times, difficult to go through.
    I hate FB. It’s just your racism and ignorant relatives having a voice and nobody can stop them.
    I think you are right. There are just statements and conversations are impossible to have.

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    1. Thank you.

      Looks like you and I have similar experiences with Twitter and Facebook. I don’t know why Facebook is such a mess. I am convinced, however, there is good but it has to be found. One of the commentators above mentioned an excellent group they were in. So it is possible to find a plus in the Facebook world.

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  8. I have Facebook and Twitter and instagram. FB is basically just a backup for my instagram at this point. I stopped posting completely from July-August until some relatives were like “it’s the only way we keep in touch and see what’s going on with you!” So now I have my Instagram pictures sent there automatically and I have to force myself to remember to check it in case my uncle’s girlfriend has left some comments there. But Twitter I just use for my blog posts. They go there automatically after I publish. I try to engage more with other bloggers but most of my interaction is here on WordPress

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    1. Facebook in so many ways is all about the relatives. My free for all Facebook page is full of old friends and relatives and that’s nice. I should have kept them and on one else. Down the road that is probably what I will have to do.

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      1. I only keep my Facebook for the messenger aspect lol it helps to keep me in contact with family and friends. But I can’t look at my feed anymore. It’s just such a waste of time haha

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  9. I don’t think the word weird might describe how social media has evolved. I think its become more toxic than anything. You are right to think that there are those out there only willing to post their view without considering the other opinions. But there are rays of light in all the toxicity, like many have posted here that FB and Twitter can help people in need. But when it comes to topics such as politics, sports, religion those are hot topics that can become very uncomfortable for some because like you mentioned, we need to be really careful with what we say, how we say it and who we say it to.

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    1. That is true and trust me, I am really careful when posting hot topics. I could easily go to Facebook right now and post one word – TRUMP. Say no more.

      But you are right, there is good in the world and we have all seen it on Facebook and Twitter. Given time I can see it everyday and I need to remind myself of that.

      Thank you for your opinion. I really appreciate it.

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    1. Joel – Long time. Thanks for stopping by. I need to visit you more often. You have a great way of seeing the world and I need that. My apologies for not spending more time in your corner of the world.


  10. I think that blogging is what Facebook and Twitter could have been. I see value in all three, less and less with facebook however. I feel like real conversations take place in the blogging world, whereas Twitter is a place for self promotion and supporting others (at least I find this to be true with the writers I interact with on Twitter). Facebook at this point seems to have become a place to share articles or anecdotes without much conversation. I rarely visit facebook anymore and have been wondering if an Author page is necessary. Do you find value in yours? I do belong to a few writers groups on facebook that I like. And then there is Instagram…..which I totally don’t get…although I have to come clean and admit that my dogs do have an instagram account! hahaha!

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    1. My cat Flash is slowly becoming the real deal on Twitter. Is that crazy or what?

      I’m seeing a trend and if a person like you agrees with the rest of us I would be worried if I were running Facebook or Twitter. Instead of engaging they are now meant for advertising.

      I met you through our blogs but I doubt we’d have the same type of relationship through the other two. That’s alarming for Facebook and Twitter. I don’t think that’s what they want. Or maybe they do. Whatever it is this blogging world that you and I are apart of has gone above and beyond.

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  11. I have found ways to bend social media to my purpose. I filter Twitter so I see tweets from people who are funny, and otherwise interesting. I visit Facebook to catch up with some people who only exist (well, publicly) out there and I ignore the evil stuff. I’m not sure about blogs. I follow a big bunch of them, but I’m still not sure.

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  12. In my previous job, I worked for a church where I was basically in charge of all the social media accounts. I swore that if I ever left that position, I would get rid of my Facebook account. I’m still okay with Twitter and Instagram, but I loathe the Facebook. And yet… nearly six months into my new job that has nothing to do with social media at all, I still have my personal Facebook account. And it’s all because I have a page for my blog and I use it for self promotion. It’s like you said, I hate it, but I need it at the same time…

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    1. Facebook seems to be consistent in complaints.

      Two examples this morning: One is my friend in Wisconsin who was kidding me about my weather compared to hers. She’s freezing, I’m not. It was a good old fashion tease blended with fun conversation.

      Later today I noticed a personal friend of mine who I see once a week, was allowed back on Facebook. He, again, got suspended for something he said. All I can guess is that he comes home, thinks about things that make him mad and away he goes.

      It’s a shame, isn’t it.

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  13. I often think about social media far too much but I have found it to be dead in a sense. People rarely comment unless its some kind of major announcement; they like a post but what does that mean? I am lucky that the conversations I do have are not negative; they are pretty positive but it’s hard to get people to talk unless its politics. I don’t like arguing online. I also keep my writing and personal posts on the same page. I have a facebook, instagram and twitter and blog. I hate facebook because I never see my friends post and hardly anyone is on there anymore. I just got started on twitter and follow mostly writers and mental health advocates and that has been great. I interact with a lot of people on there and its positive. I am just very careful about what i post and who i talk to on social media. Great post and you are not the only one who struggles with social media

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    1. Thank you for your reply.

      I’m going to look you up on twitter. Hopefully we can connect. This is really alarming for Facebook. I don’t know how they could fix it or if it’s fixable. People like to voice their opinion but I’ve noticed that in the real world too. I have a feeling we’ve always been that way.

      On the other hand it does make for some interesting observation and material for characters in our books. 🙂

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  14. I mostly use Facebook and Twitter for my news sources … some friends only use Facebook and no longer use e-mail. That seems odd to me. I have actually turned all friends’ Facebook posts off and catch up with their goings-on by reading their Facebook Walls a few times a week. That way I avoid the endless “what I had for dinner” Blogging and social media – worlds of difference apart and getting harder and harder to stay on top of all of it, so I have to make choices … blogging wins hands down because I think it is a closer-knit community and less apt to be critical or disparaging – blogging kicks it up a notch! I’ve not tried Instagram – I have a flip phone. 🙂

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  15. Your opinion seems to run with most of us. This is fascinating and I’m glad I wrote this. It really gives me an idea of how similar we are. Thank you for your comments. I really appreciate it.


  16. Blogging is a better platform for conversations. You also have the chance to moderate comments, and that’s an advantage. Social media can be really nasty; however, there’s still a few corners of expression where you can find friendly people. The writing community on Twitter is a perfect example. I haven’t seen anyone being harsh.


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