My Dang Knee

First of all I apologize to my good friend for stealing some of her blog’s name. But it’s such a cool name I just had to steal part of it.


I’m watching you

I hardly ever talk about the physical side of things. My physical side that is. The main reason is the example I have taken from all of you.

At one time or another many of you have mentioned limitations in your body or a sickness or your lack of sight. You did it with such class and determination that I remember feeling foolish mentioning my knee operation last November.

Looking back the only reason I did was because I had to step away for a while plus all of the drugs I took would limit my writing even if I tried.

Since then I have been able to study how you handle new challenges in your life. You see it as another chapter and you simply turn the page. It is a strength I will always admire.



A few weeks ago I was forced to swallow a giant reality pill. My knee may never be the same again.

The reality of all this came during a meeting for a European trip I am taking this summer. The meeting included a group of people I will be traveling with. By the time the meeting ended it felt like a punch in the gut.

I knew it would be impossible for me to keep up.

Not surprisingly my wife stepped up to the plate. She has always had this way of doing the right thing at the worst possible time.

She talked me into checking out wheelchairs. She convinced me I could blend the trip into walking and riding. Instead of trying to keep up I’d be slowing down with my new set of wheels.

It all made sense but I still wanted to push it away. Forget the trip, I kept saying. I’ll be in the way. Yes, I was pouting.


A Surprise Voice

The following day I received a call from a dear friend. Her son was experiencing health problems and through the strength of her voice she reminded me where my head was and where it should be.

It didn’t take long for my eyes to open. Not only did I feel the strength and hope in her voice but I remembered feeling the strength in your words as well.


It all comes back to you

I realized none of you run away from anything. You look your troubles in the eye and you never blink.

Maybe a lot of this has to do with writing. We all chose a difficult path. For some, impossible, but none of us have plans on stopping.

This journey of ours is way too exciting.

The other day my wheelchair arrived. I took it for a little spin and now I have serious plans on experimenting at the skateboard park.

A long time ago I mentioned that listening was the best thing I ever did when it came to writing. Now I have taken that new found discovery and placed it elsewhere.

Not a bad choice. I got this.



28 thoughts on “My Dang Knee

  1. Sounds like a plan, but stay away from alcohol whist on your wheelchair. I mean you, alcohol, lampshades and a wheelchair might make for a great blog post. But a mug shot, not so much! lmao. Love this post Bryan!

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  2. That’s a tough call and I’m glad you are still going on the trip. I had to give up a trip because of my health. It sucks

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  3. My mom used a cane for years and when it got too difficult for her to get around, like if we went to a mall for instance, we decided to get a portable wheelchair. It was a fodsend. At just 25 pounds, I could easily lift it in/out of the car trunk and have it opened and we were on our way in a matter of minutes. It took a long time for my mom to decide to do this – pride got in the way first.

    I had a reality jolt last Fall Bryan. I have been plagued with a sore shoulder since last Fall. I know I did not injure myself in any way and I have reason to believe I am spending too many hours hunched over a laptop, both because I work from home and with blogging and was not sitting in a correct ergonomic posture. I think it is frozen shoulder as I cannot reach above my head with one arm; I can’t even wave, despite doing PT exercises. But anyway, I was feeling sorry for myself and went for a walk, and spoke to a neighbor on the next block. He and his wife live in a corner house. I’ve gone past this house for years and never met the homeowners. The guy was nice enough, same age as me and asked if he could bring his wife out to meet me and he said she was the same age as well. The man told me before he went to get his wife that she was in her fourth year since a dementia diagnosis. He said that her body was like a computer with the hard drive gone. He did not say it in a cruel or mocking manner, but he said that was how the doctor described her current condition. Well, Debbie came out of the house and stared at the ground and sobbed. He lifted her head up, wiped away the tears and waved at her like one would to a toddler who has just had a temper tantrum. He introduced us and I extended my hand, then tried to make small talk – nothing. I left a short time later, and the entire walk I told myself “and you’re complaining about a (*&^ sore arm?” Unfortunately, that mindset may not have been a good decision as I never went to the doctor, figuring it was temporary and would pass. Pain has abated but no range of motion. But every time I think of this woman, who I can remember seeing in her backyard, vibrant and hovering around a picnic table or the BBQ I just cringe how cruel life can be sometimes. Putting things into perspective sometimes makes you gulp.

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    1. Thank you for sharing this.

      Every now and than we need to experience things that ground us and remind us where we are and where we could be. My post last week of the college genius, Rich, he would love to have had a bum knee.

      Sometimes we get caught up in things. I know I do and when that happens we experience a situation far worse.

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  4. That guy is the official bad-ass. So impressed. Here I am just trying to perform a wheelie.

    It’s all about the attitude. Life is to short for hangups. 🙂


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