My First Novel

Dempsey 5

Sometime this August my first novel Dempsey’s Grill will be released. I’ll go into details at a later time about my publisher and the amazing people who brought me in. I’ll also tell you all about my two talented editors who pushed me to the limit, forcing me to tell the best story I can.

But until then I thought it would be fun to write a series about my book and the characters involved. My goal is to have you get to know them and hopefully care about them as much as I do.

They have a way of growing on you.


How it all started

I always thought I would write a book full of action or maybe something scary but here I am writing a novel full of comedy and romance. The world is full of surprises, isn’t it?

So much of what we write comes from within. A lot of me and the people from my past and present spilled into this novel so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised in the way it turned out.


Who – What – Where

Dempsey’s Grill takes place in the summer of 2008. Our lead character is a guy named Gibson and the story is told though his eyes.

He was living in Seattle with his girlfriend. They were living in a house owned by her dad. In one swift move she admits she’s bored. In a blink of an eye Gibson is single and homeless.

Oh, and one more thing: He was a high-school English teacher but do to budget cuts he was let go earlier that day.

To say Gibson was having a bad day is a pretty accurate statement.

Part 1 ends with a soon to be 30 year old Gibson Baker homeless and nowhere else to turn but his hometown of Eugene, Oregon and the dreaded phone call to mom and dad.


Rock Bottom

One of the things that intrigued me with this idea was starting over. At one time or another many of us have faced this. Some of us more than others.

My 20’s, for example, was one giant do-over. I’m pretty sure I hold the world record for false starts. But for as bad as Gibson’s situation was I wanted to show people that moving home and starting over is not always a bad thing.

In Gibson’s case, returning home was a blessing in disguise.

I’ve always been a believer that bad things have a way of opening our eyes, helping us grow and showing us what really matters. Looking back that’s the main reason I wrote this novel.

Gibson returned home financially and emotionally broke. It was the last thing in the world he wanted and the best thing that ever happen.


The Cast of Characters

Besides Gibson three main characters are introduced. His best friend from high-school, Dempsey. His first love, Gail and his ultra conservative older sister, Hope. I’ll introduce you to each of them in the coming weeks. I have a feeling they will write most of it.

It was an amazing experience to be a part of their lives. In no time at all I was dictating. I was surprised how fast they took over. At the same time I’m not all that surprised. Characters have a way of doing that, don’t they? Soon we’re standing by as our pens and keyboards magically take over.

So here I am, a few months away from having my first book published. It took a lot of hard work, a little bit of luck and a whole bunch of little things that would take me all night to write.

But most of all it was fun. And that’s a good enough reason to do anything.

Dempsey 6


57 thoughts on “My First Novel

  1. The only full piece of writing I’ve read of yours was a horror short story, so I’m very intrigued about reading Dempsey’s Grill. Thanks for sharing more about it. Can’t wait to meet the rest of the characters, and to read the book. Also, congrats! I’m sure this will be the first published book of many.

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  2. It is refreshing to read of someone who admits to having fun while writing a book. Most writers tend to emphasise how hard it is, and how much they suffered for their art. Maybe they shouldn’t have bothered, for what good can anything be if you hated every blessed minute?
    I love to write, and think that must be the way it is meant to be. Created with love and all that…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You need to post this on other boards. What your wrote is so true.

      I would not write one word if it made me miserable. It is hard and some days I feel like banging my head against the wall but the fun will always be there. That’s who I am.

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  3. Congratulations, Bryan!! I knew you could do it. I am sooo looking forward to reading Dempsey’s Grill. Keep up the hard work and may you publish many more:)

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  4. Wonderful! Congrats on the upcoming release. I really like the idea of introducing your characters and settings like this. Good luck.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I wanted everyone to meet these people. They are such a kick and hopefully I can do a decent job of introducing them. No pressure, right. 🙂


    1. Hey Dan. I’ve been the type where if I can’t enjoy it I can’t do it. Writing is hard. Really hard. But as long as it’s fun I will keep going. I have a feeling you’re the same way.

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    1. It is so competitive. A writer has to do so many little things and I thought what better way to introduce my book and the people in it than my blog. Hopefully everyone will like what I wrote.

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      1. Thanks 🙂 Hope we can help each other out again soon! I took your advice & am in the process of sending my manuscript to publishers (3 have requested the full MS). Any time I can give you a hand, just let me know!

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  5. Exciting news, Bryan! Congratulations, and if I can help with your launch please reach out. I love celebrating these milestones with fellow authors and friends. Cheers! 🙂


      1. I can’t wait, Bryan! I was having a post birthday lunch with a friend of mine the other day and telling her about you, about your wisdom and how much you have helped me and how absolutely wonderful you are and of course, about your coming novel!!!!!

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  6. You write like a pro. I’ve never asked if you have books on the market. Now I need to head on over to your blog and ask.

    My book is an August release. I’ll keep you posed. Thank you, my good friend!!!!!


  7. Hi Bryan, I think it is so exciting when the end is in sight like this. I have my first full length YA novel coming out in August too and it is very satisfying to have accomplished such a bit undertaking. I am looking forward to reading your book.


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