Dempsey’s Grill – A Special Summer

Before I start I wasn’t sure if I wanted to tell you about the next character in my novel or about my wife being blackmailed by a porn site. Decisions, decisions…..

Hmmmmm….lets flip a coin to decide, shall we. Dempsey calls heads.

coin flip


Oh…looks like Dempsey wins!!!!!



That Special Someone

We all have that special someone who captured our heart and never let it go. That person may have come from our past or they may be someone we wake up to every morning.

Whoever they are they are unlike anyone we have ever met. They have a way of making our world brighter, pushing our buttons and challenging us. But most of all they love us in a way no one else can.

May I introduce you to Gail.

Gail 1


Growing up, saying goodbye and saying hello again

Gail and Gibson grew up together. For the majority of their first 15 years of life they were rarely apart. She was the type who would pull him out of a mud puddle in the second grand and toss him back in by the fourth.

They rode bikes, climbed trees, held hands and kissed. They were each other’s first love and on the day Gail and her mother moved far away their hearts broke.

When Gibson agrees to Dempsey’s newest adventure it is in a campus bar where he and Gail reunite.

Gail is now 29 years old. Engaged to a long haul trucker. Her life is one long waiting game. Her spare time consists of phone calls, texts and wondering when she’ll see him again.

I was surprised how she took over. She literally took the pen out of my hand and told me to step aside. She was smarter than the boys but most of all she was a realist.

She knew life wasn’t perfect. She also knew she was probably engaged to someone she liked but didn’t love. But sometimes you have to take the good with the bad, she told me.

That held true until Gibson arrived.


A wrinkle in her life

When they met for the first time in 14 years it was as if a day had not passed. But as with anyone who holds our heart, Gibson was like no other.

But something had changed.

He was wounded. Someone had hurt him and with that a protective feeling she had not felt in many years returned.


A Fork in the Road

With Gibson and Dempsey in her world a youthfulness she thought was lost returned. Life was exciting. It was dangerous but most of all she was happy.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget, isn’t it.

Sure, there was the long-haul trucker and a life she had already planned but for a little while she had both. A tiny window where laughter minus the loneliness won out.

But one night a decision had to be made and in that moment everything changed.



22 thoughts on “Dempsey’s Grill – A Special Summer

  1. She is an intriguing character, indeed! I especially loved this description of her with Gibson:

    “She was the type who would pull him out of a mud puddle in the second grand and toss him back in by the fourth.”

    I love how certain characters just take over when writing their stories. They usually know better than the author how they should be portrayed 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She did. From the very beginning she pretty much told me what to do and if I messed up we did it again and again and again. She’s one of the most demanding characters I have ever written and I’m glad I listened.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. So nobody was curious about my wife’s blackmail ‘issue’?

    Maybe you were to polite to ask. You are an incredibly kind crowd. I completely understand.

    Long story short; We’re headed on a trip this summer where I’ll need a wheelchair to get around. She found a place in town that carried some wheelchairs. She clicks on the link and instead of directing her to the store it takes her to a porn site.

    A couple of weeks later she gets this e-mail from the so-called owner threatening to expose her and ruin her reputation if she doesn’t cough up X amount of dollars.

    Not being the kind to be pushed around she does some investing. Figures out who the culprit might be, does multiple virus scans, changes her password and presto. Life is back to normal.

    This could have been a post all by itself. 🙂

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  3. I want to know more about Gail. She sounds like such a protective badass! I was not planning on getting attached to characters on my lunch break, and yet, here I am. Thank you for the break from reality. I’m off now to peruse more of your writing.

    ~Keep the pen steady

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love these teasers! But sorry, I have to admit the whole way through I WAS wondering about your wife’s blackmail story. Now that I’ve read your comment explaining it, I can go back and re-read your post and actually focus this time 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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