Why a Writer Needs a Pet


Every now and then I kid a fellow writer about her lack of pets. I won’t mention her name….cough, cough….KM….cough, cough….Allan…..

Sorry, it appears I’m on the losing end of a cold. Give me a moment.

Much better. Thanks for your patience.

Anyway, I do believe owning a pet is important to our creativity. It could be a cat, a dog, a hamster or my personal favorite the miniature elephant…..humor me.

Whatever your desire I truly believe our pets tap into our imagination and improve our work.


A Minor Inconvenience

Flash 14

Sure, they step on our keyboards, they steal our pens or sleep in our favorite chair. But these little annoyances are worth it.

I don’t know why these favorite creatures of ours make us better. Is it their kindness, their attention seeking or is it something else?

Whatever it is, I’m glad they’re here.


A Worthwhile Endless Battle

Flash 13

Every day I fight for my corner of the house and everyday it’s a battle. On one end Flash will lay on my notebook, his brother will play with my shoe string or Sherlock will remind me we’re dangerously low on cat food.

Sherlock and Flash

But for as much as I moan and groan I know my skills would not be as good without them. I’ve often wonder if they know what I’m doing and it’s their way of making me better.

I think they do.


Yes, they are worth it


So if any of you have pets you know what I’m talking about.  They become so much of our writing routine I’m pretty sure our creativity would be lost without them.

For those of you without a pet try to have one in your life. Yes, they can be expensive and a double yes when vet bills are tossed into the mix. But if your budget allows it try to bring one into your home.

I have a feeling your writing world will thank you.

Morris 2



Happy Friday Everyone!!!


51 thoughts on “SPONTANEOUS FRIDAY

  1. Our gray cat used to sit in my lap in the winter and help keep me warm when I wrote. She passed away. I dunno what I’m going to do next winter. My dog allows me to fully concentrate on my manuscript because he keeps an eye out in case there’s a fly in the house (or a lizard or a spider), and he hollers when someone’s at the door if I didn’t hear the knock. He’s fab.:-)

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  2. Yes. Although there are no cats here we dog sit, and then there was the thing about the guinea pig which I forgot to bring inside from their outdoor pen and I realized this at 2 am and omg…blog fodder. 😉

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  3. It’s definitely a consensus, pets do make our lives better, whether its writing or just living with them, they are a presence that keeps us focused, that’s my opinion anyway. Love pics of Flash, and now that I know the other felines names, Sherlock and the “brother” of Flash, lol. Mostly my cat Charlie ignores me when he’s getting his 23 hours of mandatory sleep, but that’s okay he still contributes much to my emotional well being. 😉

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    1. Charlie is with you even when he dreams. 🙂

      Flash’s little brother is Cozmo. He is the ultimate little brother. He follows Flash everywhere. Yesterday Flash was tangling with the neighbor cat while Coz hid behind a tree.

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  4. I love this post SO much…
    Yep, how else would we know that what we’ve spent the last hour working on was complete dreck if a kitteh didn’t march across the keyboard editorially and send it to oblivion?:]
    That looks like a nice catio you have there.

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  5. Thanks you. Yes, they have a style all their own. No matter how crazy things seem to be we always find ways to forgive. Have yourself a great weekend.


  6. I had a pet, a wonderful fluffball named Jazz (parents replaced me with her after I left home for college). I never planned on loving her, but she was a firecracker; prettiest pup ever. She would always chew my writing pens. We had to put her down in October last year because of heart failure. Mom says she doesn’t want another pet ever, doesn’t wanna go through that pain again, I concur. Maybe one day, I’ll find the strength to love a fur baby again.

    Thanks, Bryan.

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    1. You are welcome, Dylan.

      Losing a pet drains you. I always hold them and talk to them until the end. I’ve done this a number of times and it is my worst day. All of my energy is gone. But they are worth it.

      Your pets create wonderful memories.Give it some thought to add another pet to your life. Yes, you will lose them someday but they will fill your heart with love and you mind with memories.

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  7. Morris was such a great cat. I’m sure Grandpa Joe felt the same:) I love to hear your stories about Flash. He’s one cool cat, too! Our cat’s name is Rayne. Delaney named the cat after herself so there would be no mistaking who’s cat she REALLY is. Rayne loves ME the most, of course;)

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    1. Hey there, kid!

      A little side story for the rest of you. The orange cat was our family cat, Morris. He had the most amazing personality you ever saw. My grandfather was not a cat lover but as you can see, Morris changed his mind.

      That is so cool how your girl named her cat. Great idea. 🙂


  8. Absolutely!!! I love my Girls…Daisy, Poppy, Blossom and Jade! They let me know when it is time to take a break and remind me that playing should always be a priority; playing and eating!

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  9. What an awesome post. Loved this! I’m in complete agreement that pets add so much to our life and our creativity. I have always had a cat with me when I’m writing–often keeping them off the keyboard, moving a tail from in front of the screen, or stopping to play because they’ve stolen something from my pencil drawer. These days I only have one (Raven), but she is a constant presence when I’m on my computer, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Your cats are gorgeous!

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      1. Bryan – I know it all too well. I live by myself, have no family and work from home and have done so since 2011. My canary was my companion pet and he had a stroke in December 2016 and I had to have him euthanized. It broke my heart and I decided no more pets for me, though I love the companionship and love that even a tiny few ounces of feathers and bones gave me … sometimes I think I am wrong, but I don’t want to go through that grief again. I vicariously enjoy other’s pets, including Flash, and have made the squirrels in the Park my pets (they greet me like Lassie and Timmy in the old TV series “Lassie” … I probably just dated myself bigtime).

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  10. Heeeeyyy… I’m still waiting to hear about the miniature elephant! 😉 But I agree with every word. Our house would not be a home without our pets, and my writing would not be better for it.

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  11. Raven used to sit on my lap, straight-upright, while I wrote at the computer. I miss her. But at least I have Titus, who will try to steal my wine when I’m not looking:-)

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  12. My dog is now 15 months old. When I first got him, it was nearly impossible to be able to sit down and write. But thankfully, he has grown into my routine and lays underneath my desk as I write. He’s become a wonderful companion and he has learned to respect my decision to sit and write on the computer. It’s a win, win.

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  13. It does take a while. I remember when our cats were kittens it was hard to get work done. Like you, after a while they understood my routine and settled down.


  14. That’s it! I need a pet now. Any tips on convincing parents though? 🤔🤔.
    These pictures are an added bonus to your amazing writing!✨

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  15. The biggie is convincing your parents. If they say no it’s a bummer but everyone has to be on board otherwise that little animal might be in for a rough life. Do your best in convincing them but if it doesn’t work you’ll have plenty of time when you are out on your own.

    Thank you, by the way, for stopping by. Always good to see you.

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  16. Hi Lorraine!

    Our orange tabby was a family favorite. His name was Morris. Yes, after the one in the commercial. We weren’t exactly original. My grandfather was not a cat person but as you can see Morris won him over. Morris died in 1991. He was 17 when he died. He gave us tons of memories.

    The other three you see are from today. The two black and whites, Flash and Cozmo, are brothers. The black one is Sherlock. We got him a few months later. I’m not sure what breed they are.

    You need to do a blog on your pets. I would love to see pictures.


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