Europe Announcement


On June 24th the gang and I are flying halfway around the world. It will be my first trip to Europe. Am I excited?

Two words: Hell Yes!

For those of you who follow me, you have become well acquainted with my knee situation. It should come as no surprise that I will be wheeling my way across Europe.

Let’s hope my number of crashes and near misses are at a minimal.

I will be shutting down my blog for about three weeks. I plan to be pretty much off grid the entire time. This may be my one and only time to take such a trip so I plan on soaking in as much as possible.

When I return I guarantee lots of pictures and stories. You know me, there is always a story to be told.

While I’m in Europe I’ll be snapping photos, taking videos and hanging out with as many locals as possible. It’ll be fun listening to their stories.

I’m announcing this ten days before I leave. In fact, I have two more blog posts to do.

I’m doing this announcement early for two reasons:

  • To let you know this blog is going on vacation after June 21st.
  • A chance to meet some of you if you happen to live in the countries I’m visiting.

Below are the places I’m traveling too:

Austria – Germany – Liechtenstein – Switzerland – Paris and London.

At the end of this post is my e-mail. Please contact me before June 24th if you live in any of these places. It would be fun if I could say hi to some of you.

On a side note: A huge thanks to my wife’s parents and her sister for house sitting. They will be faced with the challenging task of plant watering and cat feeding.

Unlike my blog at least the house won’t be shut down while we’re gone. Hopefully Flash and the gang behave.




44 thoughts on “SPONTANEOUS FRIDAY

  1. Hi Bryan,

    Traveling is an exciting adventure. I have been to 14countries around the world. But each time I set to fly, I get overwhelmed with excitement. Going to Europe is fantastic as France was my first European tour. I wish you the best.

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    1. Hi Moss.

      I too with be overwhelmed with excitement. Just to be able to soak it all in will be amazing. I’m looking forward to the history of all the countries I’ll see.

      Thank you for stopping by. Good to see you.


    1. In case you’re curious, our dear friend said this: Be careful with your wheelchair and do not run over anyone!

      I will try to be careful but no guarantees with the running over part. I have this nasty habit with blind corners. 🙂

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  2. Safe travels to you Bryan. My father was German and I was in Germany and Austria twice and then once to England. We stayed in London but took day trips to Dover and Canterbury. Austria was my favorite place – very beautiful and quaint with all the chalets, mountains, cows walking down the middle of road past your bedroom window wearing huge cow bells. The food in Germany and Austria tasty and huge portions … and those tortes!

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    1. The food will be interesting. I’m curious if I’ll have certain favorites. My goal is to get away from some of the tourist spots and find a little out of the way place.

      Sounds like you are well acquainted with the European travels.

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      1. Bryan – I traveled in the 70s … my parents to Germany/Austria/London once and I also spent three weeks with friends of the family in Spain. When I got out of college, none of my friends wanted to travel so I did so with tour groups once a year. I hope to travel again one day when retired. I am like you as it appealed to me going to little restaurants that were not touristy. In Germany and Austria, we traveled with my father’s aunt and uncle. They all liked their “torte break” in the afternoon and still wanted a heavy big meal around 6:00 p.m. The food is all good but big portions and heavy for late in the day. So my mom and I usually opted to split a “wurst platte” which was a platter filled with various German lunch meats and great German rustic bread. I love rustic bread as did my mom, so this was a treat for us. A big thing for breakfast over there is going to the little street vendor and buying fresh crunchy buns and having them with sweet butter and homemade jams. That was how it was in Frankfurt where we stayed with the aunt and uncleand then in Austria, the bed-and-board chalet did the same thing. You will try the beer garden too with the oom pah pah music and apfelwein (apple cider with a little kick to it). Don’t forget to buy an Alpine-style hat and some lederhosen to model for us in your photos you will fill your blog posts with … don’t be shy about your knee scar … buy those lederhosen! 🙂

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  3. Have a fantastic time and a lovely break 😊 I’ve never been to Europe either, so very much looking forward to your return and lots of fun posts/photos.

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  4. That sounds like an amazing trip. Two summers ago I went to Switzerland, Germany, and London. I loved it so much. Switzerland is by far the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. You’re going to have an amazing time.

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