A 10 hour flight is a strange place to be

Jet Lag

I’m a firm believer in breaks. Work three hours, take a 15 minute break. Work five hours, go to lunch. I’m sure you’ll agree breaks are good for the body and mind. But for reasons unknown I could not convince the pilot to do the same. Not that I actually had a chance. But if I did I would have kindly suggested we break this ridiculous lengthy flight in two.


The day started off so fine

Our flight schedule was as follows: Hop on a plane in Eugene, Oregon for a nice 2 hour, 50 minute flight to Salt Lake City, Utah. It was nice. It was pleasant. Refreshing comes to mind.

Unfortunately the following flight was a one shot – non-stop flight to Amsterdam.

Yes. The Netherlands.


I tried to entertain myself…..really I did.

The mind can do strange things when the airplane seat refuses to recline and the mind refuse to sleep.

Allow me to explain:

  • If I would have brought my own bed my sleep issue would not have existed. Sadly there are rules against this.
  • I had no idea there was an endless supply of movies. I also had no idea these particular movies would place me into a hypnotic state I had only seen in county fairs. Not that I mind.
  • Thinking sleep was near, damn you hypnotic state, I turned off the movie for a nice five hour nap. Within seconds the mind snapped out of it. Nature has an interesting sense of humor, doesn’t it.


Bathroom Breaks and Comedy Acts

plane 2

As most of you know I traveled to Europe with the help of Mr. Wheelchair. I love the window seat but attempting to climb over two people was probably a bad idea. My ticket was for the aisle with my bad knee away from the passengers.

Smart move, I remember saying.

With the bathroom break occurring somewhere near or over the Atlantic, I immediately realized it may not be as easy as I thought. On the other hand a Marx Brother’s comedy routine had strong possibilities.

I could never figure out how to raise the arm rest. Being a typical guy who hates to ask I convinced myself it was broken. I swung the bad knee over the arm rest, really bad idea, and grabbed hold of the seat in front, another really bad idea. I quietly apologized to the person in front for pulling out of chunk of her hair.

FYI: Her roots were dark, her hair platinum blonde.

I stood in the aisle and waited for the bad knee to unlock and loosen. I appeared motionless pretending nothing was wrong but standing motionless in the aisle of a plane in this day and age is a bad idea. I immediately grabbed hold of the seats in front of me and took a step.

Once I reached the bathroom I realized there was a double line. I quickly learned the aggressive one wins out. I remember having flashbacks to those videos of black Fridays.


Snack time became the greatest moment in my life

It was hour seven, maybe eight when we were handed these little slushy drinks. Mine was orange and in that moment I became the world’s greatest slushy drinker.

I could feel the lovely sugar running through my veins and just as I began to beg for more another round of snacks appeared.

This time it was a giant cookie and a cold coke. Moments later a hot disposable towel was placed in our palms. I remember the sensation was something I hadn’t felt since my teenage years.

Yes, I’ll stop talking.


Free at last

When we exited the fight and stepped into the real world I have to admit it took some getting used to. The colors were extremely bright, the voices a little loud, but above all I really missed my orange slushy.

I was ready to get this show on the road. Europe was calling and I was ready for the challenge.

Vienna here I come!!!!!!






31 thoughts on “A 10 hour flight is a strange place to be

  1. 10 hours – that’s nothing to those of us with family in Australia! 14 hours to Singapore! I can fall asleep in ten minutes watching my favourite TV show or on a 30 minute bus journey, but on a long haul flight sleep never comes.

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  2. Long flights are horrible! I experienced many of them while living in South Korea and coming home to Canada. But I have anxiety over flying, mostly over take-off and landing, so I prefer to have a non-stop flight. Even if it is 14 hours. I get up every 2-3 hours, walk around a little bit, pack a bag full of snacks and candy, colouring books, iPad, headphones – all the good stuff to keep me occupied lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think I need to get organized the next time I do it. Instead of relying on movies I might need to get back to writing, listening to music and so on. Exercise the brain.


      1. Yes for sure! I tend to just zone out on planes, I pack so many things to do but I always feel horrible so I just throw in the headphones and watch tv and movies the whole time


  3. I’ve never flown overseas only domestic flights and it was like an hour and twenty minutes. But even then it seemed like forever, so I feel for you my friend. BUT your vacay with Fozzie was well worth it I’m sure, lol.

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  4. The longest I’ve been on was 13-14h. It was absolute torture. Well, not really, but it wasn’t fun. I’m rather used to 10h flights by now.
    Would you have preferred to have a layover after 8h, and have to go through security, etc. again and then wait at the airport for 3h before getting on the 2h flight? I don’t think it’s worth it.
    I never sleep on the plane for various reasons. The unfortunate thing about onboard entertainment is that not everything is something I would enjoy.

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  5. The longest flight I’ve ever been on was 5.5 hours and I remember never being so grateful to get off the plane. I’m not sure I could survive a 10 hour flight.

    Loved your blog post though. You really had me grinning!

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  6. My longest flight was in the company of my bestie, who can always make me laugh, and with whom I hadn’t spent a great deal of time in recent years. And we brought art supplies. Availed ourselves of martinis. It was still a tough flight. Totally worth it, though, and memories to last a lifetime. That’s the secret, I think: take good company. And if you can’t take it, make it: I’ve gotten some pretty good stories from air travel, and the strangers who ended up next to me.

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      1. No, it was over 20 years ago and the whole situation was pretty traumatic, to be honest. I HAVE written about more recent trips to Spain and a few other places though, and air travel complaints are always a part of that😁

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  7. My first plane trip was from New York to Germany – we had horrid turbulence most of the way and the elderly Italian woman a few rows ahead kept wailing, sometimes in Italian, sometimes in English, the gist which was “Mama Mia – we’re all gonna die!” Comforting, very comforting.

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  8. It sounds like a pretty normal plane trip, Bryan. They are always LOL. I always have great plans for the trip with books to read and write and I fall asleep before the plane takes off and stay asleep just about until it lands. How awful is that?

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