Getting lost in Vienna is as great as it sounds

Vienna 1

We were just a little worn out

When we arrived in Amsterdam I’m not sure the word ‘tired’ best describes the true state we were in.

Our bodies didn’t do all that much and the only true exercise I experienced were my adventures to the bathroom. If you’re confused please see previous post.

After a couple of hours in the Amsterdam airport we hoped a short ride to Vienna. Yes, it was as cool as it sounds.

After some minor confusion with luggage, security and me agreeing to something I shouldn’t have – Long story for another post – we met our group and tour guide.


Why are you in that thing?

Our tour guide was supposed to know all about me and my current state of affairs. Bad knee in case you’re wondering. With one look at the wheelchair a tiny panic crossed his face. After a brief explanation that the wheelchair was nothing more than a cool set of legs we headed for our bus and our first day of adventure.

We were introduced to our bus driver and our bus. Our tour guide, Stefan, explained how these two things would be part of our lives in the coming weeks.

He wasn’t joking.

I’m pretty sure most of us would have been happy to escape to our hotel room for a nice 9 hour nap but Vienna was calling. Not to mention we were on a schedule and when you’re on a tour a silly thing such as ‘dead tired’ must wait.


Stubborn is a silly middle name

We were to meet in an area where a Cathedral and shops await. From there we were to have dinner, get to know each other and slowly make our way back to the bus.

I made the first mistake by struggling up a flight of stairs. Stubborn in my way of showing I wasn’t completely helpless, our tour guide suggested we take an alternate route when I reached the top.

In a blink of an eye the group was gone, leaving the wife and I all alone in Vienna.

How cool is that!?


It all sort of blended in

Vienna 8

When you’re new to a big city everything looks the same.

We turned left, we turned right, we crawled into a gutters….not really….finally, realization hit.

We were lost in Vienna!!!!!!

For two hours we searched. Our tour group, along with our kids, vanished into thin air. Were we upset? Not really. Were we worried? No. Our girls were safe. But we were probably causing a few wrinkles with our new group and this was only day one.


A solo adventure

I wheeled over cobblestones. I listened in on the local language. I smiled as an elderly couple walked hand in hand and I laughed as a little girl played tag with her sister.

It was a warm summer night a half a world away. I was far from my home but the world was the same.

With the help of a waiter and a passerby we slowly found the street our tour had earlier taken.

The Cathedral was amazing. The square was beautiful and as luck would have it, our tour guide suddenly appeared.

We were no longer lost in Vienna but I have to admit, I was a little disappointed.

Vienna 10


22 thoughts on “Getting lost in Vienna is as great as it sounds

  1. Going on a tour straight after such a long plane ride? Insanity. That combined with time zones… Incredible.
    What kind of tour guide does not pay attention to the members of the tour? It’s not like it was easy to miss you with that wheelchair… I am glad you managed to make the most of it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It might be common. This is my first tour so I’m not sure. They are on a schedule and they try to create the fullest days they can. Luckily the evening ended early and we were back at the hotel at a decent hour.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. He later agreed he probably shouldn’t have sent us in another direction. He was actually trying to make it easier. Less steps to worry about. Once he saw that steps weren’t a big deal to me we never had that problem again.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Bryan, you have a far more adventurous spirit than I do. If I had gotten separated from my tour group in a foreign city I would have FREAKED!!!

    I am so glad it all worked out and you enjoyed your time in Vienna, but—WOW!—just wow. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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