Fozzie on the Deck

Fozzie would like to apologize for the delay. He normally posts on Sunday nights so you can wake up to him on your Monday mornings. For you outside the United States, never mind. 

My computer crashed last week. For the next week I am living the life on a borrowed laptop. Thank you, wife. 

For your Monday afternoon/evening or your early Tuesday morning, Fozzie says hello on the deck of his Austrian hotel. Yes, the view was fabulous. 

Fozzie wishes all of you a happy and computer-crash free week.



18 thoughts on “Fozzie on the Deck

  1. Fozzi has an awesome backdrop. I did a routine Windows 7 critical update a few weeks ago and after the laptop rebooted, I couldn’t remote into work. Annoying. Otherwise the computer’s fine, but I had to set it aside as it rebelled whenever I tried to go to work (I told it “I know – really I do because I feel the same way on Monday morning”)

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