The Life and Times of My Gloves

During my first day in Europe when I first tried out the wheelchair thing I forgot one important item: My gloves.

Gloves 2

By the end of the day my hands were a bit raw and by that I mean they were full of blisters, peeling of the skin and of course my favorite part of the show: A little bloody.

This all happened on the day I was lost in Vienna. I made the rookie mistake of leaving my gloves in my carry on which just so happened to be sitting on the bus.

My bad.


We Became Fast Friends

From day two up until my last day in London the gloves were a part of my daily life. Like anything we hold near and dear they were far from perfect. They made it challenging when I was holding the camera or taking videos and if I had to fetch my wallet or a coin, forget about it.

By they allowed me to grip the wheels minus the blisters and blood. They were a curiosity to little kids, not to mention the man with the black balloon.

They were as common as putting on socks in the morning. Without them everything seemed a little off.


A Rather Smelly Event

Gloves Picture

My gloves were given a breather now and then but for the most part they stayed glued to my fingers. The only drawback was the smell. Think gym socks and that will give you a good idea. 

We tried washing them a few times but discovered they quickly broke down. Realizing I needed them until the end, I decided to deal with the pesky oder until the end.

If I ever do this again I’ll look for a washable wear but looking back I must say, my gloves had a great ride.  


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