The Random Way a Story Comes to Me

Yellow House

Years ago when the kids were little I’d sit in the school parking lot waiting for the final bell. Across the street sat an old house. I remember it was nothing special. An old VW Bug sat out front. The house a faded yellow with a sort of 1950’s vibe to it.

One day I saw a person walk inside. Seconds later I saw the same person walk out wearing something completely different. Immediately an idea struck: Did the house have something to do with that? If so, what else can it do?

Looking back it was probably a different person that I saw, or maybe the house was a little weird. Regardless of which a story was born.


A Second Glance 

It’s easy for stories to come alive when observing normal things. Sometimes all it takes is being in the right place at the right time, a curious mind and an interesting setting.

On the other hand, I’ve discovered it helps to be in a certain mood. That’s when things can really change. 

Whatever it is, the key is to recognize when it’s happening and pounce on it the moment it does. I use to make the fatal mistake of promising myself I would write about it later. Never again. The writing part of all this has to be now while the story is fresh and real.


A familiar feeling

Every now and then while I’m stumbling around carrying on with my day it will happen. I’ve been at this long enough where I can trust my instincts and recognize those feelings.

As for you, if a certain emotion causes you to stare at something a little longer then you should, put on the breaks and investigate. Something might have happened that may never happen again. If so, grab a notebook, a receipt or the back of your hand and write it down.

You may be on the verge of something amazing and if it is, the last thing you want is to lose it.

Haunted Yellow House



26 thoughts on “The Random Way a Story Comes to Me

  1. LOL this one time I thought up a little children’s story because I was waiting for the bus and across the street was a fire hydrant with this beautiful flowery archway built around it. It was part of a restaurant’s patio but they couldn’t block access to the hydrant. So it was a sad hydrant because it was never used and just sat surrounded by pretty flowers and conversations.

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  2. Ideas can really strike at any time. I need to remember to carry my notebook with me more often. So many times I’ve thought of a whole story in my head only to forget it later. Nice read!

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  3. Great post. This reminds me of how Terry pratchett saw someone pulling a piece of luggage with a wobbly
    Squeaky wheel (I think) and it helped him develop the idea of the walking luggage from Discworld. 😁

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  4. I try to talk to text into my phone. ASAP. Dreams, brilliant ideas, titles, blog subjects and whatever. All in the notes section of my iPhone. Don’t know what I’d do without it. I also have stashes of things I jotted down before I started talking. So frustrating when I do t save a thought and then it’s gone in a flash.


  5. A good friend of mine is helping me with ideas to my next novel. Her ideas are brilliant and they’re all by text. I’d be lost without it. This is where technology is such a wonderful thing.


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