My Lost Novel

Sully Novel

Four years ago I was vacationing in San Diego. One night while enjoying a warm evening an idea came to mind. I remember taking notes, jotting down clues and enjoying the moment that something good was in the works.

I came home and wrote the first draft. It didn’t feel right but all was forgiven. Only the rare ones get it right the first time around. The rest of us are left to suffer the first draft woes.

So I went on to draft two but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was off. Something was missing. A key ingredient if you may. But no matter how hard I tried my taste buds remained dull.


Stepping Away

I decided to take a step back and try a different angle. I tried casting a different light and rewrote the protagonist. 

I was positive things would work out. They always do, or at least I thought. Eventually the wrinkles disappear, the story opens up and in no time at all I’m Dorothy opening the black and white door to the colorful world of Oz.

Nothing happened.

The black and white door remained locked. I felt like I missed it by inches. At times I swore I touched it. My fingertips brushing the ends.


A difficult decision

So I put the story away, positive I’d see it again. Time does have a way of revealing things, doesn’t it?

There are moments when I can see the characters. A little redheaded girl with blue eyes and a toothless grin. I can see her mom and her grandpa but the moment they stand clear I feel them fading away.

After three failed attempts I decided to put them away. I had to be realistic. I couldn’t wing it. The story had to be told right or not at all. 


I will figure you out

I am positive that one day I will see it. I keep listening for the little girl to talk to me. I have a feeling she’s the one that has something to say. 

I’ve never had a story do this to me. All of my stories are chatterboxes. Sure, some are hesitant at first but in time they break out of their shell.

But not this one.

Someday it will come to me. The dull taste will be replaced with amazing spices. But most of all the little redheaded girl will hand me the key to her colorful adventure.  

Sully Novel 2


27 thoughts on “My Lost Novel

  1. I know how you feel–I’m on Chapter 6 of a novel I was really excited about, but then it just fizzled and I haven’t looked at it in weeks. It’ll come back eventually, maybe next year when I have more time:-)

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  2. I have one of those ideas at the moment, it’s a sci-fi in its basic form. No characters yet, just the concept for a universe. I guess that’s why it’s crucial to make notes, or else I’ll forget it.

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  3. I had that experience once as well. I made the mistake of letting a friend read my first draft, and he said that he “just couldn’t get into it.” And just like that, I lost the story. But I still know the characters, all these many years later. And I still trust that someday, I will write that story.


  4. I’m in the same boat right now, so I had to move on to another story. But I’m sure when the time is right, my characters will call me back.

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  5. Can feel you on this one. With my novella (duncan heights) i cant get past my current chapter. Every time i try it doesnt feel right and i start it again. The issue is i want to finish it to start the other story in my head or i fear it will be lost

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