I hate you first person…..I think

first person 1

We were never meant to be

I never meant to write my novel in first person but when it happened, I told myself it was nothing more than a passing phase. Even now, in this exact moment, I’m pretty sure I believe that.

But no matter how hard I try, no matter what I do, I’m drawn to the damn thing. 


I trip a lot

I think a lot of it has to do with the clumsy narrator. I’m kind of a clumsy guy myself. My narration in everyday life never lives up to par and I’m probably the last person you’d want to give directions to.

Adding another layer to this, I’m also the one that is famous for saying the most inappropriate thing in a crowded room.

Maybe it all comes down to me writing a novel where I am the star. Good God, I’m an egomaniac. This is scarier than I thought.


Life imitates art

When I wrote Dempsey’s Grill I had a clear understanding why it had to be first person. The narrator and I had a lot in common. At one time or another we were broke, dumped by a girl and could never shake that constant fear of turning thirty. 

On the bright side I was never shot at, unlike the narrator.


I was supposed to dump you

first person 2

When book two came around it was third person all the way. I would cover the landscape full of thrills and joy rides and all things luxurious. Snakes included.

But I could feel the pull. At first it was nothing more than a tug, maybe a little push, but at the end it became a full blown yank.

Hello first person.


Goodbye old friend

Waving Goodbye on Train

I have now decided this will be my last first person novel. Never, ever again I say. All the greats do third person. That’s where the action is. This first person stuff is just practice, right? Right?

So here I go. Onward to book two, first person. He too is a clumsy sort of guy but at least he’s his own person. 

I can hear the calling of third person. Now all I need to do is to figure out how to answer it. 



30 thoughts on “I hate you first person…..I think

  1. I really understand where you are coming from, Bryan as I too am drawn to the lst person. It is so immediate and somehow draws one quickly in.(I know many HATE IT.) In the only novel I’ve written and had published: “The Catalyst”, the male protagonist is written in the third person, but the female protagonist is written in the first, and I definitely prefer the latter, as do one or two reviewers. Taste is SO subjective! Nevertheless, I’m writing my present novel in the third person because of the sheer freedom it affords. Best wishes.

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    1. The style you wrote with The Catalyst sounds interesting. There are pluses and minuses to first person and I know I need to move on but as you said, it does draw you in.


  2. I have written a lot in first person – I like to know what my character is thinking. But I have also discovered in third person you can look inside the heads of all your characters! I have read quite a few novels which mix both and that seems to work as well.

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  3. The fact that you’ve had such an internal debate on the story being in first person suggests you’ve probably made the right decision. Sounds like it’ll be a intriguing book.

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    1. The first two attempts were in third but now everything feels right. This all goes back to listening to what they want. It’s his story and that’s the only way it’s going to come out. Crazy, huh.

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  4. Possibly, what works for one story/book and writer may not necessarily ‘FIT’ another. There are so many subtleties to take into account. Having written for many years, mainly in third person but sometimes in first,I’d say that, overall, third person omnipresent is the most successful (and easiest!) All the best, Bryan.

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    1. I remember the first time I wrote in third person omnipresent, I had no clue what that was. A fellow writer had to point that out to me. I must admit, it’s a lot of fun.


  5. I will never forget your words of wisdom about the genre choosing the writer….perhaps it is the same with first person? All I know is the Dempsey’s Grill is absolutely wonderful!!!!!!

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  6. I almost exclusively write 3rd person multiple however one WIP just refused to play ball. Nothing seemed to work and it was only when I shifted to first person single that it flowed. Apparently I was not meant to see everything or hear everyone’s thoughts… It was pretty jarring I can tell you.

    And while it definitely worked, I’m hoping this kind of malarkey only happens once in a blue moon

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    1. You did the right thing but allowing to story to dictate the story telling. Sometimes we get so focused on things we forget that the characters chose us to tell their tale.


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