Fozzie, Flash and the broken toe

Flash had a bad week. For some reason he couldn’t walk on his left front foot. This made him really sad.

Flash Toe 1

So on Friday we took him to the vet. Somehow Flash broke his toe. It would take about a month to heal which meant he couldn’t go outside and play. Flash loves to go outside and play. Flash was sad.


His brothers tried to cheer him up but nothing would work.

Flash Toe 2


Friday night while sipping his favorite hot chocolate, Fozzie had an idea. He would spend the weekend cheering Flash up.

Flash Toe 3


At first Flash was hesitant. What is this thing trying to do, he asked? 

Flash Toe 4


I want to be alone with my broken toe.

Flash Toe 5


But slowly Flash had a change of heart. He begin to grow fond of this fury little thing. 

Flash Toe 6


And by Sunday Fozzie and Flash were best friends. 

Flash Toe 7


Flash still has a broken toe but he has a new friend and a new wish: He asked me to pass along a Happy New Year to you all.


Happy New Year from Flash and Fozzie and Me!!!!!!!


49 thoughts on “Fozzie, Flash and the broken toe

  1. What a sweet story. I feel so badly for Flash, but I’m glad he made a new friend and has Fozzie to help him cheer up. And you can clearly see Fozzie grinning in that last photo 🙂

    Happy New Year!

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  2. Now THIS is a story. It had everything I want in a story. Don’t. Change. A. Word. P.S. I hope the toe heals well! My cat is on a feline version of ibuprofen because when she’s not on it, she walks way down on her haunches, and you can just see how painful it must be.


  3. Raimey – Hello and thank you. I’m sorry it took so long to respond. You got lost in the avalanche of e-mails.

    Flash is back to his old self. Today he was running down the hall and pretty much slammed into everything. He’s basically a baby elephant and twice as clumsy.

    I hope your cat is doing better. That does not sound good. I’m curious if she has to stay on those pills all the time.

    Thank you for stopping by.


  4. Well, five months later, Happy New Year. It feels like ten years since January. But, at the same time, (to quote Jim Beaver), “If this wasn’t the worst thing that ever happened to us, it would be the best thing that ever happened to us.” Finding lots of reasons for joy amidst this giant mind frak and I hope you are too. *hugs* ♥.


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