Fozzie, a knee and the loose screw

Fozzie has been away for the past two weeks. He’s been by my side since my latest knee surgery. For those curious, this will be three knee surgeries in three years.

I’m getting really good at this.

There has been a screw in my knee since 1991 that I suspected was coming loose. It only took me ten months, lots of complaining and an ounce of begging to have it removed. It appears the patient is the last to be listened to.

Since it’s removal two weeks ago today it feels like a knee is suppose to feel. On the other hand it’s been so long I forgot what that’s like. 

As I look back the problem was obvious – I had a screw loose.

If I had only listened to the bride and kids this problem would have been solved years ago. 

Aside from my healthier knee, Fozzie wishes all of you a great week. He would also like you to know he is searching for a use of the loose screw. He will be testing his carpentering skills soon.

Wish him luck. 

Fozzie 1



64 thoughts on “Fozzie, a knee and the loose screw

  1. Oh man, ain’t that just like doctors, to not listen to their patients? Okay not all of them, but maybe if Fozzie would have complained, like with a sledge hammers they might have listened, lol. Get well soon Bryan!

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  2. Dude!!! Wow. As someone whose kneecaps like to dislocate often, and who will probably need knee surgery at one point, the screw gave me the willies!!

    I’m glad you’re healing; I missed you. (And we writers have screws loose!) Thankful that Fozzie kept you company. I pray for a speedy recovery.

    Stay groovy dude!

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    1. I knew the knee had improved when I started to forget about it. All of these little things I could never do before are starting to come back. My biggest problem now is mental. A part of my brain is convinced the knee is still screwed. Hence, screw loose. 🙂


  3. As someone who has suffered with intense knee pain for over a decade, I really feel your pain! That screw is crazy big. I can’t believe that was in your knee. I will never ever have knee surgery. I’d put my foot down but that would hurt. Heal up quick, but take your time and be gentle with yourself Bryan. Hugs to Fozzie! =) ♥.

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  4. Hi Raimey. It is interesting how the patient is usually the last to be heard. I’m not complaining. I get it. They had to cover every base and it took a lot of selling on my part but it is common that our voices are not always heard.

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  5. Seriously, what is it with doctors and not listening to patients? I know they have the medical degrees but we know our bodies and when things feel “off”. Glad the knee surgery went well and holy crap…that screw is massive!! How was it not sticking out??

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  6. I have a titanium hip. I hope it never has to come out or be replaced. My doc said every time it has to be replaced I will lose about 1/2 inch on that one side. I think I will someday be super lopsided.


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