My name is Bryan Fagan. I was born and raised in Burlington, Washington. Not to far from Canada and about 80 miles north of Seattle. 

I was raised by my grandparents. They taught me manners, hard work and the value of a dollar. They also taught me the benefits of being a weekend warrior from time to time. Nothing wrong with blowing off a little steam, they use to say. Oh so true. 

I always loved to write but I always had a million excuses not to. Finally, in my later years, I felt it was time to give it a go. Not to mention I have two teenage daughters who are a tad expensive. Maybe I’ll sell a novel or three. 

You may wonder how I came up with the title, A Crack in the Pavement. Have you ever walked past an old sidewalk full of cracks and noticed flowers growing out of them. Cool, huh. I thought so too. I guess it’s my nod to nature. She’s amazing.

I also wrote a novel,  Dempsey’s Grill. A romantic-comedy that an agent or a publisher will hopefully love as much I do. I’m in the early stages of my second novel and I have written a truck load of short stories. I also love to critique so if you need another eye at something you wrote let me know. Always happy to help.

So that’s me in a nutshell. Hope to see you around.


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