Fozzie, a knee and the loose screw

Fozzie has been away for the past two weeks. He’s been by my side since my latest knee surgery. For those curious, this will be three knee surgeries in three years.

I’m getting really good at this.

There has been a screw in my knee since 1991 that I suspected was coming loose. It only took me ten months, lots of complaining and an ounce of begging to have it removed. It appears the patient is the last to be listened to.

Since it’s removal two weeks ago today it feels like a knee is suppose to feel. On the other hand it’s been so long I forgot what that’s like. 

As I look back the problem was obvious – I had a screw loose.

If I had only listened to the bride and kids this problem would have been solved years ago. 

Aside from my healthier knee, Fozzie wishes all of you a great week. He would also like you to know he is searching for a use of the loose screw. He will be testing his carpentering skills soon.

Wish him luck. 

Fozzie 1



Fozzie, Flash and the broken toe

Flash had a bad week. For some reason he couldn’t walk on his left front foot. This made him really sad.

Flash Toe 1

So on Friday we took him to the vet. Somehow Flash broke his toe. It would take about a month to heal which meant he couldn’t go outside and play. Flash loves to go outside and play. Flash was sad.


His brothers tried to cheer him up but nothing would work.

Flash Toe 2


Friday night while sipping his favorite hot chocolate, Fozzie had an idea. He would spend the weekend cheering Flash up.

Flash Toe 3


At first Flash was hesitant. What is this thing trying to do, he asked? 

Flash Toe 4


I want to be alone with my broken toe.

Flash Toe 5


But slowly Flash had a change of heart. He begin to grow fond of this fury little thing. 

Flash Toe 6


And by Sunday Fozzie and Flash were best friends. 

Flash Toe 7


Flash still has a broken toe but he has a new friend and a new wish: He asked me to pass along a Happy New Year to you all.


Happy New Year from Flash and Fozzie and Me!!!!!!!

Fozzie and the Bookshelf

It was a busy night in the Fagan house as Fozzie took it upon himself to organize my bookshelf. I guess he got tired of my empty promises. 

Yes, it was my New Years goal last year but I was sure I had it in me this week. Next week tops.

A big hand for the Foz for putting it all together. He even wrestled with the Stephen King hardbacks.


Fozzie Climbs the Christmas Tree

This is Fozzie’s favorite time of year so I guess it makes sense that it was he who climbed the tree first. The cats were a little mad. They thought they had dibs on the tree.

Enjoy your week. Be safe on those icy streets or cool down if your those trouble making Australians.  🙂

Have a great week everyone!!!

Fozzie Christmas Tree

So long…..but not goodbye


A few weeks back I had a friend say to me that I am a method writer. Thinking of a method actor who becomes their character on and off the screen I laughed at their remark. If anything, I took it as a joke.

Until now, that is.

I had no idea how much I threw myself into a novel until I wrote my second. I probably became my characters when I wrote Dempsey but it was new and like anything new, we’re not always aware of our emotions.


She exhausts me

Now that I’m writing Iris I have discovered that she is taking a lot out of me. I never realized how emotional writing a novel can be, but it is.

On a positive note, I’m glad I’m that way. It means I care about my work and I want to give the reader my best effort.

On the downside it means I have to part ways with some things that I hold dear and one of those things is my blog.


A hard decision 

I love what this little blog has become but for the past two months I have to admit it has been a struggle. That damn Iris as taken its toll. Come on girl, why do you work me so hard?

I figure this novel will run about 90,000 words first draft. As of now I’m around 30,000. Like anything I write it’s emotional, fun and hopefully entertaining.

With that being said I have made the difficult decision to put my blog on hold until the completion of draft one. 


But I’m not exactly gone

Fozzie will continue to brighten your Monday mornings and I will bombard your blogs with readings and comments. 

You won’t get rid of me that easily.

Until I return I thank you for visiting my blog. Your visits and your comments are special. I cannot thank you enough. I will be back just as soon as Iris shuts her trap. That is a promise I will never break.

Until then – So long, but not goodbye. 


Fozzie Loves December

The year is coming to a close. We say goodbye to another decade.

Some of you are playing in the snow. Others are basking under the heat while Fozzie is dodging rain drops. But just for today he asked me to mix it up a bit. A little window dressing, if you don’t mind. 

Here’s to a safe December to all of you and a merry one at that. 

Fozzie Christmas 1

Editing – Say hello to my new friend


I am about a third of the way through draft one of my second novel. As with any first draft there are moments of celebrations and moments of utter failure. As mentioned in an earlier post, it’s a non-Stop roller coaster ride.

On the plus side I’m on par with my first novel. Consistency is good. Right? Right!?


I didn’t see it coming

I’m taking chances, trying new things and realizing that half of what I do probably won’t work. But on the bright side, I’m okay with all that.

But there is one thing that stands out that didn’t when I wrote my first novel: I’m actually looking forward to editing.

For a lot of writers, editing is not at the top of their happy list. Either by themselves or with an editor they must make the dreaded decision of what stays and what goes. 

That decision alone can cause a boatload of anxiety. Trust me. The first time I did my own edits the self-doubt that I consumed almost killed me. I was positive I was ruining the story by removing the wonderful backstories that I created.


My how things have changed

But this time around things are different and it’s nice. I’m seeing editing in a completely different way. Instead of closing a door or blowing it up I see it as a way of creating new scenes, of expanding the character or adding another layer to the story.

No longer is it doom or gloom. Editing has become a positive expansion of creating the adventure. In fact I’ve caught myself a few times wanting to stop and fix things or add new ideas. But I won’t allow it until draft one is complete.

When I first started writing I was afraid what editing would be like. I feared it would be depressing or worse – A chore. First there’s vacuuming, now there’s editing. Imagine the hell if that were true.

For those of you starting out try to think of editing as an expansion of your work. It doesn’t have to be a pain at all. Think of editing as a partnership and a wonderful one at that.   

Editing 1

Fozzie meets the dead of winter

The leaves are disappearing, the wind is getting colder as the dead of winter nears. Which means one thing: Fozzie is having a blast. Go figure.

For my friends on the other side of the world: Enjoy your summer. For the rest of us, try to have fun like Fozzie. 

Enjoy your week. It’s December. Have fun!!!

Fozzie Winter

I hate you first person…..I think

first person 1

We were never meant to be

I never meant to write my novel in first person but when it happened, I told myself it was nothing more than a passing phase. Even now, in this exact moment, I’m pretty sure I believe that.

But no matter how hard I try, no matter what I do, I’m drawn to the damn thing. 


I trip a lot

I think a lot of it has to do with the clumsy narrator. I’m kind of a clumsy guy myself. My narration in everyday life never lives up to par and I’m probably the last person you’d want to give directions to.

Adding another layer to this, I’m also the one that is famous for saying the most inappropriate thing in a crowded room.

Maybe it all comes down to me writing a novel where I am the star. Good God, I’m an egomaniac. This is scarier than I thought.


Life imitates art

When I wrote Dempsey’s Grill I had a clear understanding why it had to be first person. The narrator and I had a lot in common. At one time or another we were broke, dumped by a girl and could never shake that constant fear of turning thirty. 

On the bright side I was never shot at, unlike the narrator.


I was supposed to dump you

first person 2

When book two came around it was third person all the way. I would cover the landscape full of thrills and joy rides and all things luxurious. Snakes included.

But I could feel the pull. At first it was nothing more than a tug, maybe a little push, but at the end it became a full blown yank.

Hello first person.


Goodbye old friend

Waving Goodbye on Train

I have now decided this will be my last first person novel. Never, ever again I say. All the greats do third person. That’s where the action is. This first person stuff is just practice, right? Right?

So here I go. Onward to book two, first person. He too is a clumsy sort of guy but at least he’s his own person. 

I can hear the calling of third person. Now all I need to do is to figure out how to answer it. 


Fozzie Rocks

Fozzie braved the cold and rain in order to sit on his favorite rock. Don’t ask me why it had to be this particular rock. I’m not even sure Fozzie has an answer to that one.

Rock or not, Fozzie is hoping you have a rockin’ week. Yes, horrible writing. My apologies. If you’re experiencing the fall weather stay warm but if you’re my weird Australian friends enjoy your summer. I’ll never get use to that.  🙂

Fozzie Rock