Stories behind the novel

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Writing a novel is tough. I don’t need to go into detail on that. For those of you who write novels you know exactly what I’m talking about.

We all have our different ways of approaching it. For me I have to see it and feel it before I jot down a word. I have to know these people, feel their emotions, but most of all see their world.


Do I say goodbye

There are times when I want to walk away. Sometimes an idea is impossible to write. Let’s face it, some things are not meant to be.

Sometimes we have better, stronger stories with deeper settings and believable characters. They are easier to write and that’s the simple truth.

A few weeks back I had one of those moments. A bad scene, a bad chapter and pretty much a bad idea. The setting was wrong and I knew something had to be done.

I started having doubts and I began to wonder if the idea was just that and nothing more. But that’s when I saw them and soon my mind changed gears.


They are always with us

I saw the people I created give me a long hard look. Suddenly guilt ran through my veins and shot passed my writing fingers.

How do I explain to them that I run at the first sign of trouble? Is this the new me? Am I returning to old habits?

So I put my pen down and pushed everything away. I stopped complaining and took a stroll through my favorite bookstore.

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I walked down the aisle and pretended I could see the characters sitting on the shelves and talking to one another as I passed by.

I thought about the people who created them and the tough times they had. How many times did they think of walking away?

How many close calls?


Just what I needed

Before long my story was bright and real. The voices loud. Little things started making sense. I have a feeling I was forgiven for walking away.

It’s still a struggle, I’m not going to lie. Of all the story ideas I have it seems I chose the toughest to tell. But these people have a story to tell and they chose me to tell it and because of that there is no way I could look them in the eye and say no.

Trust me, this bunch will haunt my dreams until I write the final page.

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24 thoughts on “Stories behind the novel

  1. You pretty much describe my predicament, Bryan. I am writing my fourth book and I swear this has been the hardest to get right. It must be dire, because the characters have stopped nagging!

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    1. I took a walk through the classic section pretending I saw their images and heard their voices. All I can say is that it worked. Try it and let us know what happened.


  2. Your characters are beckoning for their final page, they are telling your sub-conscience that they do not want to die and fade away incomplete in the recesses of your mind. I have to agree with Priscilla though imagining your characters on shelves talking to one another is awesome!

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    1. You said it about as good as anyone could. In other words you nailed it. They do not want to die and fade away. I never saw it that way before. Wow. Talk about an eye opener. Thank you.

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    1. Shyla, thanks! I don’t usually do those things, nothing personal mind you, but that doesn’t mean I won’t check it out. You might have changed my mind. 🙂 Thank you for the nomination. That is really kind of you.


  3. I love the idea of letting your character talk directly to you, I hope they gave you guidance. I might try it, there’s a chapter with dodgy pacing, perhaps they’ll show me where to tease it out.
    Characters tend to haunt us, that is a profound insight into the brain of a writer. 🤔

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  4. Haunting is right. That is one thing they all have in common. This protagonist of mine is stubborn but I think I found a way to work with him. It’s a partnership and I think we struck a deal.


  5. What an excellent post. When I finished my last novel, I was very sad because it meant I would have to say goodbye to the characters for a while. Maybe I need to write a sequel!


  6. I hear that is common, at least it was for me. I really missed those people. We put so much in to it I’m not surprised of the emotion we receive when it’s all over.

    Thank you, by the way. I’m happy you enjoyed it.


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