Dempsey’s Grill – A Look Inside


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Side note: Last week I introduced the protagonist of my novel, Gibson Baker. Today I’m introducing to you the man the novel is named after.



We all knew this guy

When I created Gibson I knew he would need someone to fall back on. Someone from his childhood or, in this case, his teenage years.

Enter Dempsey.

Dempsey was Gibson’s comfort zone. The type of guy who made things better the longer he was around.

At least for a little while.


Black hair – Blue eyes and forever 19

When I first wrote Dempsey I tried to visualize what he looked like. I saw a tall raggedy hair guy who was quite pleased with his appearance but not exactly arrogant. For reasons unknown I saw Tommy Lee of Motley Crue.

Poor Dempsey.

Along with his tall raggedy hair look, Dempsey displayed a trademark boyish grin and a non-stop man-child attitude. When I say man-child I’m leaning heavily on the child.

Dempsey is 29 years old but unlike Gibson he never had a career. He was one of those guys who seemed destined to stay 19 no matter how hard he tried.

He was someone you may have met once or twice in your life. He was always starting over, always convinced the next big thing was right around the corner.

Like some of us who finished our 20’s with little to show, a feeling of dread and fear was rapidly growing inside of him.

We either were him or we knew him.


Dempsey’s Last Chance

When Gibson came home Dempsey had just inherited some money. With his 30th birthday within sight he made a decision to take a chance. He would open a restaurant and name it Dempsey’s Grill.

This time there would be no starting over. This was the real deal.

But there was one small problem: He had no clue what he was doing. But sometimes fear makes us do crazy things and sometimes it makes us brave. In Dempsey’s case he had a dash of both.

Dempsey was the kind of guy you’d want on your side when things were at their worst. When he wasn’t chasing a dream or a girl he was listening. In Gibson’s case this was the best friend to have. 

Welcome Home


21 thoughts on “Dempsey’s Grill – A Look Inside

  1. I have to agree, Dempsey seems like he’d be a great friend to have. I can’t wait for this book Bryan! Is that picture above a view from your home? Because if it is, it’s beautiful, and I love that you write on index cards, I do that too, lol.

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  2. I love this and I love Dempsey! Choosing to quit starting over and take ownership of your life and decisions shows character and maturity, in my opinion. Perhaps Dempsey is finally ready to turn 20, albeit a decade later. Can’t wait to read the rest!

    Liked by 1 person

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