Good to be home



Hey everyone. It has been a while. 20 days of travel to be exact. I must say I had no idea what the term ‘jet lag’ meant until I opened my eyes Monday morning. Sadly, now I do.

I saw a beautiful part of the world, visited lots of towns and met some of the best people our world could ever offer. I plan on sharing with you all the things I saw and the stories that came from them. I also plan on sharing a whole lot of pictures.

We live in a picture postcard world and I have the proof.

Speaking of postcards, my apologies to those I promise to send. The days were full but the energy was not. No excuse, I agree but I hope the pictures make up for it.

I plan on doing a lot of writing this week with hopes of posting next week. I am still exhausted but hopefully this week the energy will come back. When it does I will share my stories of the shy boy I spotted in Vienna, Fozzie Bear’s adventures, the magic of the Louvre and so much more.

Until then, it is good to be home.

Talk to you soon.



30 thoughts on “Good to be home

    1. Holiday blues is so true. I was just thinking about that. It struck me yesterday but I know it’s time to get back into my real world. We might be planning a trip near you next time. I’m picturing you, me and a little cafe.Lunch is on me. Deal?

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