Weddings, a video and no Friday Blog


Hey everyone!

I’m flooding your Thursday inbox instead of the usual Friday. I am on the road today, headed north to the state of Washington. One of my best friends is getting on Saturday and since she lives in the valley I was born and raised in I knew it would be impossible to pass up.

She is the type of person who gives and gives. You probably know a person or two just like that. It will be nice to see all of us give our blessings to her for a change.

Saturday will be a special day.

I am also enclosing a video. Renee April has a site called One Chapter Wonder. She will take a new author and read a chapter of their upcoming book.

Yes, I’m promoting my book on my blog but I’m also promoting April.

Her book is coming out later in the year and soon, I hope, I will be interviewing her. She is fun, talented and clever. If you enjoy listening to my first chapter, I thank you, but most of all I’d like you to get to know April. She’s pretty cool.

Have yourself a rewarding week and weekend. I’m off to visit friends and relatives and oh yes……A wedding.

Behave yourself!!!!



21 thoughts on “Weddings, a video and no Friday Blog

  1. Have a wonderful time at the wedding hope the weather is good. I need to check that vid, it wasn’t playing for me but I think that’s due to my tablet.

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    1. Hey stranger. I’m slowly settling in to my routine and your blog is one of them. I need to hop on over and see what you have in store. Good to hear from you. If you are still having problems let me know. I might be able to help.

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      1. Hi Bryan, I know that feeling, sorting routines out. I’ve been swamped with “house stuff” again and I’ve fallen out of all my carefully planned routines.

        I managed to get the issues fixed, I have to say WordPress help and technical support are great.


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