I’m really good at this wheelchair thing


Before I start

I have been extremely poor with visiting your blogs. There is no excuse for this. You are just as busy, or more, than me. I am picking up my game in the time manage area and by doing so I will become a familiar face in your blogging world. I miss your world and I thank you for being a part of mine. As you can see, this has been bugging me. 


On with the show

Below is me hanging on for dear life on a London Subway. Oh the fun!!!!


I wasn’t sure what I was getting into when I agreed to this trip but I knew I would have had major regrets had I stayed home. I had never traveled in a wheelchair before but sometimes you have to roll the dice and take a chance.

I knew I had made the right decision when I challenged a fellow tour member to a race. Never mind the fact that he had two strong legs, was a P.E. teacher and loved track. It was a downhill slope and I knew I had a shot.

Unfortunately for me my victory was short lived. He left me in the dust yards away from the finish line. True, I finished last, but I like to call it a solid second place. 


Cobblestones, Cobblestone, why do you torture me? 


I have a huge list of favorite towns in Europe. Unfortunately all of them are covered in some part with cobblestones.They were beautiful to the eyes and brutile to my chair, not to mention my back. But somehow I managed my way through even though I feared my chair and back would meet their doom.

Little kids were always a challenge. The last thing I wanted was to run over a foot or a toe, but the real challenge were the adults. Not the ones I traveled with but the strangers who passed me by.

Some of them wouldn’t move when I tried passing by in crowded areas while others stopped and stared as if I were an object instead of the real thing. Their stares would end once I smiled and said hello. It seemed that’s all it took to remind them I was real. 

Sidewalks were an unexpected challenge. An even street was clear sailing. Speed records shattered but give me an uneven one it was no telling where my chair would go. Hello streetlight!!!


Sometimes you just have to walk


Many of the towns did their best for people like me but in every town there was always a street that posed a challenge or a place where the only alternative was to walk. 

I have no doubt in the coming years these challenges will be erased. Store fronts will have ramps, restaurants will have elevators and Europeans who have to live in a wheelchair everyday will live a little easier. They are getting there.

For the most part my chair did a great job. Most of the people I met were helpful and kind. There is good in the world and trust me, I saw it. Sadly, as I look at my chair it is in dire need of a wash. I’m thinking pressure hose, but if I ever have to use it again I know it’ll be up for the challenge.

Can we say, Europe Part 2?




39 thoughts on “I’m really good at this wheelchair thing

  1. What makes historic towns and cities so quaint – cobbles, hills and narrow lanes – also makes them an obstacle course. A wonder no one has invented a hover wheelchair. You blog reminded me of a coach trip I made with my aunt to Paris. We found most of our fellow passengers amusing, including a mother and daughter. The daughter was always going on about ‘mother’s feet’ so when we arrived at the Palace of Versailles, to be confronted by a vast stretch of huge cobbles that needed to be crossed, the daughter was dismayed. ‘But what about Mother’s feet!’

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    1. That is a great story. A blog all by itself. You mentioned hover wheelchair. We actually talked about this. Especially when the cobblestones came into view.


    1. We worked with the employees on several occasions. They had ramps that they attacked. When we go on they would radio ahead so another employee would be waiting for another one. They were an amazing group.

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  2. I’m glad you were able to enjoy yourself and still go! I would be full of regrets if I had to stay at home from such a trip!

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  3. You made me laugh with that downhill race. I thought it was going to end with you on a tree.
    I’m sorry to hear that you had such a hard time, especially with people. It’s a little surprising to me since I usually find Americans the most ignorant when it comes to sidewalk etiquette.

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    1. Americans being ignorant. Sadly we have our moments. People are people and sometimes a person can forget certain things. That’s why I made it a point to engage. Even if it was nothing more than a smile or a hello. For many that was all it took.

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  4. I like your “solid second place” finish in the downhill race and your cat looks quite comfy, LOL.

    You definitely had obstacles to overcome based on this post, but wow, what a memorable trip you had.
    And I’m glad to know there are kind people who went out of their way to help when needed!

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  5. We take even daily tasks for granted when we can’t do them for a while. Like being in a wheelchair and having to navigate through cobblestone streets. Well I’m glad you took it in stride, or bumps if you will, lol.

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  6. Bryan,

    I have missed you, friend. I haven’t commented on much, but I’ve read every post since you got back. I love reading about your adventures. You just have this way of pulling the reader into the story. It’s brilliant. I can’t write to hear more.

    Side note: I’ve been tinkering with Becca’s story. There’s something there… I just gotta pull it out. Might need your help again! 😁

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  7. Great name 🙂 I’m lucky enough to have a black cat too. He’s not the most easy going of our three, but the other two are Ragdoll mixes, so it’s pretty impossible to be more easygoing than they are (they’re known for being so relaxed, they seem boneless lol)!

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    1. Why did I take so long to replay. I swear this is getting ridiculous.

      Yes, Sherlock loves the chair but Flash is the only one who likes to be pushed around in it. He especially likes it when he crashes against the walls. 🙂

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  8. Funny how you never really have a true understanding of these sorts of challenges until you experience them! I never thought about cobblestones, but as soon as you mentioned them, I thought “of course!”. Looks like you did really well, and the cat was happy to see you return.

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  9. Every now and than I’d get out of the chair and walk. This was when we had a lot of free time. Had this been the normal thing I never would have given them a thought. Unfortunately they were a big problem.


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